Friday, January 21, 2011


Where do you find Inspiration?

How can one not find Inspiration in a book One Hundred and Seventy Four years old. Published in Eighteen Thirty Seven.

Or how about a book dated back to Eighteen Fifty Nine and then given at Easter in Eighteen Sixty Six. This particular book still has the pages marked with yellowed brittle paper on three particular poems.

HISTORY it is truly amazing

I tend to look for the nice story, the fun story, or the romantic story in history. I try not to turn to the Sad, blood war part of history.
So I know I am not very realistic but it sooo works for me.
Umm you would think we lived in a church we have so many different bibles around.
I think it is just safe to say I love books, good ole dusty books.

Maybe this is the inspiration I need to sort my books. Maybe I should have a shelf just for old very deserving books.
Oh the stories they could tell.
The stories from sitting on shelves, in boxes, sitting in an old home in the attic or sitting on the shelf in a lovely old book store.
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