Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tonight has been a very different night since 3:30 we have been doing a science fair project my youngest son and his friend and I must of shushed them a 100 times as my husband is sleeping. The project turned out well and we took 88 photos it was fun but glad it is done.
We then went out and separated goats rechecked them and ended up keeping 9 in the barn with the camera on them I am pretty sure no one will have for a few days but better to be safe than sorry. We either have ice or water so I must keep an eye on the girls.
I had a very terrible phone call tonight I am in shock, feel sick to my stomach, I keep getting cold goose-bumps, then a dreaded thought of it can't be it has to be wrong to he next thought of despair of OM MY GOSH what did he go through..... I can keep listing my emotions that are not making any sense.
A person I have known for a very, very long time was killed tonight oh my gosh just writing that makes me short for breath. I really liked him he was fun and I grew up knowing him he came to my wedding watched my kids grow...
Remember you never know what tomorrow brings, make peace, live life to the fullest, be thankful for what you have and love your children, parents, brothers, sisters, in laws we truly have so much lets not forget.
I wish for all of you to be blessed and and go calmly through this journey of life. My thoughts are with each and everyone of you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is a new light in our family room. Our family room does not have any lights in it and at night time it is quite dreary so I bought this light and my dad made it into a plug in light . It is wonderful and bright an incredible difference.
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Stand up to Bullies
Show your support wear PINK today Stop bullying.
Make them think about what they are doing.
Be a Role Model!
Be a Leader!
Stand up for what is right!
Pink stands fore everything GOOD!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today it warmed up enough and with a lot of digging I won on the gates. It is so handy being able to use the gates now. It was nice to work outside I do hope tomorrow is nice also but I do know underneath all that ice is one big mess.
Today I had our lunch which was fun and nice to see the other ladies we a had a good visit. Then tonight we had hockey and during hockey time I went to a ladies house to make cards.
I had two boys home from school today one with a bad headache that lasted on and off all day. The other one who really did not want to go to watch the school play that their school was going to see. All last week he asked if he had to go and he was so set against it. I told him he would have fun and probably really enjoy it but no go! He has a hard time with change but maybe next time it will be easier to get him to go.

Keeping Warm

If Mimzy tries real hard he can get up on the couch and then he finds a very warm spot to sleep.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Today was a very warm day the ice is starting to melt even though we are a long way from it being gone. I worked a bit outside still trying to win over my gates not yet they are still iced in. My dad hung me up some lights so I will plug them in at night then I do not have to walk over in the total dark, we also set up the barn camera. So we are getting ready!
I have my Kitchen light back it is so much better being bright one light is still not working so I have to look at it.
On WEDNESDAY wear PINK it is anti bullying day wear pink to support a boy from Nova Scotia who was bullied for wearing pink his first day of school so some other kids who were upset about it started an anti bully day! Help support them wear pink and pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

These are my very nice slippers enjoying the spinning workshop don't they look clever.

I would like to buy this book it is very pretty.
Early in the morning before we all showed up to become creative!

Our instructor giving a helping hand.
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I'm home it was a nice weekend I learned some very cool things. Some of the techniques were quite fun maybe if I get time I will post pictures. There was a total of 11 of us so a small group but we all seem to have fun, had a room to our self and some very good food. We ate french toast, strawberry cake, steak, stew, Caesar Salad, chicken, cream pudding treats, plus much more.
Oh my gosh my spell check is working go figure and it is a good thing I was spelling Caesar wrong. Sometimes I can't figure this computer out.
I am extremely tired I did not sleep well when I was away the first night I had nightmares about snakes all night I first turned out the light a t 10:30 then I was wide awake at 1:20 with very sore arms from working with the goats the day before I left. Then the rest of the night was snakes every colour different faces on them charcoal snakes it went on and on .... The second night I could not sleep from an aching neck from my very hard pillow and I kept waking up and when I was sleeping I was having nightmares of my oldest son.
Then my husband picked me up at 10am I had to go home early as we had a lot of hockey and plus my husband starts early shift which means he leaves for work at 10pm fun. On the drive home we came through Ashcroft and went straight to town to go to my youngest son's game, well on the way I saw the wild horses but no; no picture... no time to stop...hmmm...My middle son would have loved to see them. Well off to find tea. I hope to get some pictures up soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mimzy checking out the goats he was not too brave. I am off for the weekend to a spinning workshop and will be back Sunday. Enjoy your weekend talk to you all soon.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bathroom Finished

Here is our new floor in the bathroom.
It is really nice and quite clean, no boy's have visited yet.
This is the moon tonight; not very exciting photo! But at least we can say we saw it.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Telephone stand finished. The material for the seat came from my Oma's home in Harrogate when I went back in 2001. Tonight my family was having ice cream with thick black chocolate sauce when my middle son bumped into my husband and ice cream flew all over the new floor all over the telephone table and all over the covered seat. I did so well I never said a word ... but I bet you know what I was thinking.
This is the hall way before the new flooring.
This is the hall way after the New flooring.
Today I took this table outside and put the grout on it. It is still quite soft but it should harden in a few days.
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Family room

Notice the lovley little telephone table is done.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Today was a good so much done we got a lot of painting done at my mom and dad's house, tomorrow I will just finish the touch ups. We then dug out gates, checked out goats, our new flooring is in the computer room and down the hall we then put the furniture back filled the fish tank. Then started to remove it from the kitchen and family room for the next day. I had to repaint in the hall but that is done now. It is good to get these things done. I am quite tired tonight so after I have tea I think I will go to bed we did not sleep to well in our house last night. I have had to put my wool on hold but my last dyeing was a nice red. I hope to post pictures soon of the before and after. I still can not get my spell check to work on my blog so if anything is mispelled or missing letters sorry. I am not sure what I can do about it, it has done this before then one day it will work. Well off to bed have a good night.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I was up early this morning if I tried real hard I may have been able to sleep in but I really do love mornings but unfortunately I like night times too so sleep is not always a priority. When we left the arena last night and as I left the dressing room from checking my girls (we were the only ones in the arena) I lost one of my knitted slippers it is made out of Bamboo which I have decide is very nice to knit with. Anyways my daughter found it and walked by it thinking it was a skate guard but then decided it looked like my slipper. I am very grateful she found it but how embarrassing to loose a slipper. One time I lost a ball of wool and the arena manager came up is this yours and of course it was mine and another time I lost a ball of yarn but it was still attached to me and I was still walking...
Well I am hopeful I will get more time later to write but again it is a full day of running and I must have the room and hall way empty for 7:30am not a big deal if you don't count the 43+ boxes of flooring I have to put somewhere.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We are finally home from a very long day my oldest son won his game in double over time now that was extremely stressful. My middle son lost his game but he got an assist and hit his head very hard into the boards. My youngest daughter won one game lost two and wond MVP when whe was a goalie. My two oldest girls practice only the coach and his son showed up so that practice was 5 of my kids the coach and his son. My husband is at the Canucks game tonight.
So now we get to go to bed and start it all again tomorrow. However our house is very cold from no fire since last night and now it does not want to light. With all the hockey I did manage to make two pairs of slippers and now I am on my third set. So Iwill talk to you all tomorrow.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I am moving furniture tonight I just about have my room where the computers are done I will leave my main computer hooked up until Sunday night then we will be off the air until Monday or Tuesday night. I was trying to move my big desk and it is a big heavy beautiful oak desk but really hard for one person to move anyway the top hutch fell off as I was working on it and I caught it but I really have sore arms now. I still have to figure out what to do with the fish tank it is also large that will be Sunday as the poor fish will need the water (that made no sense like no kidding they need the water :)
After I do this room I have to move it all back in the same day they are finished because we then need to move in the next room into the living room. Not really a big deal except I am never home.
My youngest daughter was at a preteen dance and when I went to pick her up tonight she was already waiting for me outside which worries me it is quite dark out where she was. I think she was scared because she told me everyone was talking how the police were coming because the neighbors were complaining on the loud music go figure how loud is a preteen dance with ages 7-12. I feel sorry for her if she was scared next time I will make her take her cell phone in case she wants to come home earlier, we live quite a ways from where the dance hall is. Well I must continue on working and tomorrow is a full day of hockey.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Gifts

Gifts for my husband
Can you see the heart in my cup

12 Beautiful Pink long stem roses for me! Plus earlier this week I got a pink pearl Blackberry Cell phone.
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Romantic flowers

After supper treats Cheesecake
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Valentine Dinner

Since we first had our kids we have had pink valentines suppers we decorate have treats and dye everything pink.
Pink Perogies
Our table is set

Pink Ceasar Salad
It is our traditions to have a very fun supper they seem a little rushed now a days but we still manage to do our supper. Tonight there was us eight and two extra but it was all good.
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Valentines Baking

We made over 50 cupcakes for Valentines they were all pink and white and very pretty.

These were the cookie suckers we made they were a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed them.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today was busy my daughters dinner went well at school. It was a lot of running but it turned out well. We had a hand ball game, two hockey practices, two went to work. Tomorrow we have to be at the school at 7am for a ski trip and it is our annual Valentines dinner.
I am finding my computer very,very slow I am not sure what is up with it but it is painful to use it. Another thing is spell check is not working on the blog. I had better go I just realized my youngest son did not write out his Valentines so I had better go do it. Talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today my mom and I went to Kamloops for a quick trip to pick up flooring for our house it was suppose to be simple quick well it was not it was stressful and expensive. However it is another job done then I had to go to a meeting for my oldest son he is going to train to be a fire fighter for Forest Fires. NO I DON"T WANT HIM TO DO IT!!!!!! but he wants to try so I signed the paper. This is the same boy who could not roast marshmellows when he was younger because of the smoke or during the last forest fires when he was little "MOM I CAN"T BREATH".... Not very comforting is it.
It is melting snow everywhere water is everywhere floading the road. Tonight when I came home there was a man stopped with a sign that said wash out. My poor boy Alpacas need a boat if it is still there tomorrow Iwillt ake pictures. Well I must run to bed my youngest son may be sick again he was asleep in my spot of my bed when I got home and my other kids said he was asleep by 6:30 tonight. Talk to you all soon.

My oldest son is in his second round of play offs this weekend. As of right now I have 14 ice related things to get to this weekend and my husband is off to a canucks game. Sounds like fun doesn't it...
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