Monday, February 29, 2016

 These are our new friends little bottle babies. The little sheep is oreo and the little goat is Peter. I feed them three times a day and they are full of spunk.

 We went over to my brothers and sister in laws for his birthday. We had a very nice lunch and visit

 This little guy has been having some nice farms days. We have been exploring looking for treasures. He was looking for purple rocks and heart shape ones.

Friday, February 12, 2016

February the months are already flying by time is slipping away and I am not sure how to slow it down.

Our weather has been mild it is raining right now it makes me wonder what it has in store for us. The fall and winter has crazily flown by and now with Spring approaching it is hard not to sit and wonder where did the time go.

I have used up a lot of the time debudding lavender nearly everyday or for sure every week all the lavender is debudded it made a fine mess in the house. I have fifty five pounds of the lavender bud the next step of sifting will have to wait until I can get outside to do. It is a great job to have behind me a great weight lifted off my shoulders.

March we start lambing and kidding anytime after the sixteenth. I am hoping it goes smooth as this will be the first time I have to fit it into anther work schedule. I am hoping I can count on the children to pick up the slack.

 This is how our January looked some crocheting during road trips and evening time. It is a wonderful yarn in the Hudson bay colours. We have been using every weekend with work for my husband and hockey for our youngest son.  

 I have been using our new weight machine I wonder if I will ever see any gains

 Some fun snow days with this guy. Igloo building sledding and fun