Saturday, February 28, 2009

We were looking for the Ogopogo but we did not see it. One day we will.

My daughter is officially moved out. She is staying her second night there. It is kind of hard to believe that we have these grown up kids. Sigh... the time has really gone fast. I am down to three kids home right now. Two are at hockey. One is on route traveling home it will be a long night. We have to be at the arena by 7:30 am the we have two games and one practice. Then one game in the afternoon. At five my husband has a game. I am pretty sure that darn ice should melt soon. I really am sick of the arena. I will head off to bed talk to you all soon.
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Friday, February 27, 2009

Anyone for some fun?

Today was a busy sort of day. My husband left somewhere near midnight to one am for work. He only did one load as we were off to Kelowna. Me I drove kids into to town for school came home did chores. Very cold here this morning -23 so no not much snow is being melted. Then we left at 11:45 picked up Sam and a couple of nephews and off. We had grabbed our goalies suit for him to change into. Only to realize wrong pants no shirt no tie. He had laid the wrong ones out. So we went to this new Walmart near Kelowna and bought him and new shirt, tie and pants. I think he watches Don Cherry too much....!!!! You should see the ties he likes :)
We just arrived home so now I am waited for other hockey players to arrive home. They should be here by 11:30pm then off to bed.
No a whole lot is new just a whole lot of running around. Take Care
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Having Fun

Enjoying our time up top

Rolling down the hill

We just had our power come back on. It went our about 6:45pm and came back on after nine. It seems to be going out more now than it ever has. Kind of weird. We have an amazing amount of new snow. It is not fun I had to dig out gates, dig out goats and it was down to -15 last time I checked. Very crazy.
I had to go to town to pick up the kids from school. I did manage to get out of hockey. I was not driving home in the dark in a snow storm. Not too much is new just making the days. I did not walk tonight as I had no power. It is just as well my feet hurt so bad. I did sit ups Hmm not too sure what I think of those. Well of to get the day done. Take Care
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She tells me she is not a farmer just a tractor driver:)
We went for a ride on the top part of the property. We wanted to see all the work my Dad and Brother have been doing. We can not walk up there anymore as my dads pet steer who has to be 1000lbs plus wants to play all the time. He will run you down!!! Dad loves him, us we don't "love" Bully as much! It is amazing to see how many trees have been cut down absolutely unreal. It is kind of neat though. I hope we will get some wild flowers now.
We know a family who has children the same as age as some of ours. The kids play so nicely. Here we have "puddle hoppers". I tried to blur out the other boy because he is not mine. They had a blast.
Tomorrow we are back to school it was so nice for the kids to have time off. Our next holiday is Spring Break and then Easter. Today I worked outside most of the day. With the help of my kids we found our deck again. It is amazing how messy and ugly it gets over the Winter. I used my blower until I ran out of gas. I raked moved pine needles. I think I will be doing this for awhile. We still have snow and ice in the front in patches. Right now I can hear that it is quite windy outside!
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Monday, February 23, 2009

A beautiful day in Kelowna. The water was so lovely

This is the new bridge going into Kelowna. Actually we are leaving Kelowna

This is part of the old bridge. I think I counted around seven pieces of the old bridge.

Today we had a short snow storm this morning. Then it warmed up and melted. We had Sparkle in at nine am then we walked the bench walk and the Rotary park walk. We also unloaded some stuff at Nana's new home. Then it was off to pick up the kids and their friends and come home. We put groceries away then back to town to pick up the Cat.
I had someone look at the barn and he will make a quote. If it is not too much money we will hopefully get it revamped. I will keep you posted. It would be so nice to have the barn as it is an eye sore to look at. It has potential as it has some beautiful logs but really it was never finished. It was here when we bought the place. The barn was built for the use of goats.
Not too much is new we are just letting the kids enjoy their days off. Tomorrow is there last day then back to school.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

As you can tell in these pictures there is not a lot of snow. I think we will be in for a real dry summer.
However there is always snow outside the arena. Vernon actually had a bit of snow.
Today was a busy day we were down to our last stick of wood for our wood stove. My husband cut a lot of wood today it won't last us but it is a start. We had a little bit of hockey we showed up for time keeping that was cancelled and no one told us. I have kids having a sleep over at a friends house. Tomorrow we have to have Sparkle in at the vet for spaying by eight thirty. We may take a load of my daughters stuff to her new home when we head to town.
Tonight I walked forty minutes on the tread mill. I changed my shoes I am wearing and my feet did not seem to hurt so much. Forty minutes may not seem long so for some people but for me I watch the clock the whole time. I hate to stay at one thing. If I go for an hour walk outside I have to keep going or I won't ever get back home. Well I am off have a great night.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Views from my window

We traveled to Vernon today for a game. We stopped in Kamloops for parts then headed off to Vernon for Miss Hyacinths game. They won had fun she loved her new stick.
I zoomed on these people ice fishing. Ice fishing does not look appealing to me . I have no desire to sit in the cold and catch a fish. Steak Chocolate bar, bag of candy I would consider the cold but fish. Nope
This picture was way out on a pond or maybe it was the end of a lake near Westwold.
We had three games today Sam won his, Hya won hers and Dalt lost by two in the last few seconds. Nana is in a tournament with Jeremy. Their first game she had two assists he had three goals. She won MVP. She was very happy and excited about that. They just phoned and they lost five - four. Well I am off have a nice night.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Today we farmed most of the day. We raked. cleaned and burned piles. We separated sheep and separated goats. We cut goats wool around their eyes, cleaned their back ends check to see who is getting close to kidding. No one no one is looking ready so that gives us some time, Only two aer actually showing to bagging up. It actually means nothing I can have a goat from showing nothing to two days later to kids on the ground.
My arms are sore, my legs are sore, my fingers are hurting, my eyes ache, my throats burns, I can't move my neck . Yup I'd say it was a productive day!
I just walked forty minutes on my treadmill. On face book I wrote twenty minuets but I did not correct it. I don't know how. I also did sit ups now I am going to make my bed with fresh sheets and climb in. I washed the sheets this morning as I was all caught up on my laundry. I always sleep well on fresh linen.
If all goes as planned I am going to go to Vernon tomorrow with my husband and Miss Hyacinth for hockey. However I may not feel like it i n the morning then I would stay here and do hockey. If I do decider to go Jord will do hockey here.
Well I should go get organized have a pleasant evening.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Handball. This boy is knackered he went snow boarding today. He had a lot of fun but man oh man is he tired! Today actually warmed up quite nicely. We finished most of the barn. We moved out hay raked, cleaned pens. Tomorrow I still have to do two pens then set up the cameras. All we need is girls to go into labour and warm weather. Even better if the girls could have all babies between ten am and two pm. Yes that would work quite nicely.
Our kids have a five day holiday. They are so excited no rushing unfortunately we have a bit of work at the barn and hockey. I will be so glad to see hockey end and I won't even miss it!
I am off to put wood in the fire and head towards bed.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today was day that ran away with us. It seemed full speed ahead. We had handball, kids to take kids to pick up. My daughter moved some of her stuff We sat and waited in the van for hours for a hockey practice, for a supper and outside schools. Tomorrow Sam is off snowboarding with the school at 7am. And NO he does not snowboard!!!!! He will however be sporting a new suit, new gloves, a great lunch and hopefully a whole lot of fun. Sam only had Car hart overalls about four inches to small. So I found him a jacket and snow pants half price in Sport check. Then he needed gloves we had gloves but they are barn gloves not any good for a day on the snow hill. I will be glad when he is done and home safe. High school musical is now being watched for the fifth time from my family. Do you think they like it? Well I must go make sure I am ready for morning. It may a bit crazy tomorrow Sam need so to be at the school at seven am and then the kids need to be at school. have a great night talk to you all soon.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

High School Musical 3 is making my girls very happy. The movie came out today and Miss Hyacinth had to have it. She has watched two or three times and now our older girls are watching it. One thing for sure in our family we do get our money out of a good Dvd.
Our hockey is all out of sorts with the playoffs our schedule's are changing constantly. So tonight we had two practices. Tomorrow night one early practice, Boston Pizza dinner to go to and a double A game to go to. I am hoping to recruit my older son I really do not want to go!

I just hit some key and it posted my letter for me and i was not even ready. Tonight in the arena I was playing with my Blackberry trying to figure out Face book. A little over my head.
I had concession duty tonight for Sam and I sold four bubble gum and one coffee. Well off to bed talk to you all soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sit ups, side sit ups, leg lifts and tread mill walking yup that's right. I am getting ready for Maui! I refuse to look like Miss Piggy over there. My son is teaching me sit ups. So between cleaning the barn, raking, tread mill walking, sit ups and an extremely sore foot I know I will not be able to sleep tonight.
We bought a tread mill on a clearance sale from Walmart on the weekend. It was not a smooth by but it is all worked out know. The first one had NO key to start it so after many phone calls we arranged to take it back. No big deal if you do not have our schedule it was a night mare to get it organized. But my kids came through and all is good.
So I am determined to be in good shape not that I want to wear a bikini but I want to be self confident. I kind of wish Mom was taking me to Switzerland they have to wear more layers there:) So Mom and I are going to get FIT right Mom. Mom is already ahead of me. Me I have no will power...:) damn chocolate covered licorice!!
I have been sporting a horrendous headache all afternoon ever since I was cleaning the barn this afternoon. I am not sure but it may have been my piles I was burning with old plastic buckets.
Tomorrow my son and daughter are going to go to Kamloops and return my Itouch and maybe just look around Kamloops. They should have fun together.
Well off to go to bed talk to you all soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This little gadget is so much fun. That is of course when it is working. It will not hold it's charge or actually it won't charge. I took it back today but they did not have any more. So the reset the button Yes I lost all my son's hard work. I am trying to charge it again if not I will go back and pick up a new one.
Today we left home early went to Kamloops for a hockey game. We took our nephews with us and my brother in law followed with Miss Hyacinth after her practice. It seemed we were rushing all day but it all turned out in the end.
We had little snow flurries on and off today did not amount to anything. It just made for a dreary looking day.
Thank you to my sister for the very nice valentine gifts for the kids.

Plus Happy birthday to my younger brother. I hope you had a wonderful day. Love you lots
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines treats
Today was full of special surprises. I had coffee in this huge mug that held a very cute teddy bear.
Chocolates card roses

A beautiful bouquet of red roses
Today was a busy day of hockey games, practices and travel. We visited my daughters new home. She then invited her youngest brother and sister to spend the day. I am waiting for everyone to come home so we can call it a night. Tomorrow we have hockey starting by eighth am, then off to Kamloops. Our oldest son is in a tournament he has hurt his shoulder. He says it is taped up pretty tight so he can still play.
I have started sorting my photo's from our Europe trip this is no easy task. It is very hard to know where to start.
I hope you all had a wonderful day and that it was full of some very nice surprises.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

We still have our ice rink minus all the snow around it. It is now ice. It is a little rough in patches but he kids play on it for hours. Today was an organizing day. I organized my books, cleaned my desk. I had Miss Hyacinth home today she was not feeling well. I sent my son to town to do errands. I also made my son come for a 6.4km walk. Did I mention he snivels:) He received an email to go in for his fire fighting interview. So I told him make sure your in your best shape. I know my walk tired him out but he would not admit it.
I hope to take photo's this weekend so I can post my blog with pictures. Not too much is inspiring. I will find some inspiration this weekend I know what I would like to take pictures of just waiting for some time. Maybe an I touch... Maybe my daughters new home... she is moving out! Maybe my barn plans... oh so much happening. Talk to you all soon.
Tomorrow is Valentines and I hope your day is full of LOVE
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today I drew a plan for fixing up my barn. Not a "if I win a million dollars" dream plan. One I hope would be managble.
My kids and I have been playing with an I touch they are so much fun.
I received a wonderful phone message. I have been on a waiting list for a Border Collie. The lady who has a female, her dog is bred. So I hope to hear more from her tomorrow and find out more. Yeah me!
My computer is having issues now so I will go and NO there is no spell check. So just go with it.
I have been reading about leaving comments on blogs and replying back. I thank everyone who has left me a comment. No I do not always reply. In all honestly some times I just do not have time. Sometimes my computer has a tantrum (quite often) and it won't let me. Sometimes I can not come up with a good reply. However I do cherish each one I receive and I know my family loves me even if I don't reply back. If they really want to know they phone me. I will try to do better.
This blog is the nearest thing I have ever come to keeping a diary. It actually makes me excited when I print it out. I really do feel quite clever even though I think the word BLOG is silly. If someone sends me a tag or something to add I can not as I do no know how. I am scared to mess to much with the settings in case I loose it. Then what? All the wonderful people who read it. I will miss.
I usually try to proof read it but in all honesty I am usually am too tired to do it. I know my writing is not the best and there are mis - ued words (like mis ued). But hey it is not a lesson. I am also usually having three full conversations while I write this and my head is spinning by the time I am done.
I hope all of you who write a blog print it out. Or go start a paper journal, diary anything make your moment in life count... be remembered.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I should really quit writing this blog at night. I am really too tired to say anything. I drove my kids into school this morning and I guess I will do it again tomorrow. It is quite amazing how much goes on in town. When one lives out of town you don't see all the people rushing to and from work, school, jogging, and walking their dogs.There is a whole different life style happening down there.
I did manage to get a little yard work done. I burned the pile in my yard and my boys took three full truck loads up to the burning pile today.
My one son stayed home from school with a bad headache and a fever this morning but as the day went on it went away.
I watched a hand ball game that my youngest son played. I really enjoy that game and he is so funny to watch.
I have to go I am having stories told to me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We still have enough snow the kids can still have fun. Our weather has been jumping around to warm then cold then windy. Today in the bush it was -21. The kids were skating tobogganing and playing hockey.
Today we went to Kamloops. It was a fun day Nana, my Mom and I we went. We shopped, shopped, and did some more shopping.We went to dentist appointments. We found ourselves locked in a parking lot and had no way to get out. We sat and we waited and we tried to lift the big yellow stick. NOPE not going to happen nothing. We had to go back to the dental office and ask them what we should do. We had parked in the wrong parking lot. So one of the office ladies had to go find the doctor and ask for his keys. She had to run down the back and go to his truck find his remote and unlock the big yellow arm. Very embarrassing I think I will send a thank you card.
I bought some birthday presents for my kids and a Valentine present for my husband. It was a fun day expensive but fun.
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Monday, February 09, 2009


This is a pile of rubbish that we collected while cleaning. Note the brand new pillow... cat found it.
This was wear the white gazebo sat by the pond. If you look close you can see the willow branch. The willow branch is now gone. I moved out most of the branches but I could not burn the pile. We had a very strong wind all day. However I could burn now as the wind is asleep.
Today I worked out side with chores, a bit of yard work. Then I came in found laundry started supper and started a few pages in my altered book. This altered book is not as easy as they make it look. It is hard to know where to start.
Tomorrow we are off to Kamloops. We have a dentist appointment, Mom wants perfume, Nana wants JYSK and I want Micheal's.
I hope everyone is well have a great night.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

My miserable Ram finished off this brand new bucket He totally squashed it.

We have had to put him in a pen by himself. He has become to rough with the other animals.

Today we have spent the whole day outside. My husband did hockey duty and I worked outside. I did get a lot done but it is only a drop in a bucket. It is an amazing mess. Pine needles OMG for pine needles.... We tore down old Gazebos, trimmed trees, rose bushes, shrubs. I can not trim when the tree's are nice and green so I do it now when it all looks horrible. We also moved old fences. It was never ending. I am sure I have a few more weeks of straight work of just cleaning. then the real work begins... the pond...not sure what I am going to do I am not inspired yet. All those rocks I will show you all a photo of the rocks. Remember each rock was imported and carried. I can feel my poor old knees protesting already.
Poor Miss Hyacinth seems sad after she came home tonight from hockey. I am sure she is just tired from a full weekend of her tournament. Well I am of to hustle kids to bed. Last night we were in bed by eight thirty. I fell asleep by nine. That was a a good thing as my son was in Salmon arm visiting and he had to travel home. He never arrived home until five am. He is good though he phones us on route. I am thankful for that nothing worse than waking up at three am and finding them not home. The only thing is it makes for a short night. Have a great night
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

This is just a quick post to touch base. I am worn out I have been sitting in an arena all day. I left at 5:50am and now I am so ready for bed. We get to do all again tomorrow. It actually all went well my boys did the farming. My daughter was sick so I had to go pick her up and bring her home. They rescheduled her work. There is no way she could go in today.
I brought home my niece, my daughters friend for a break. We made them pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs then I took them back for their next game.
I am gearing up for my alter book. I have everything I need to make it with. The only thing stopping me is the UNKNOWN... well I will talk to you all soon enjoy your Sunday. Do something special and enjoy the moment.

Friday, February 06, 2009

GLUE that Darn Ole Glue

What an unreal very long monotonous day!!!

I swear the earth must be tilted the wrong way or at least my world is. Everything has gone backwards or wrecked. I have dropped things, backed into things (not with the van) hit things tipped things....OMG it has gone on all day. Now that very nice white spot which by the way is twice the size and over one quarter inch deep. Is bloody white glue. All over my new floor. I just bought the glue yesterday. Even the camera would not work while I tried to take this picture.

The day started with me finding a Baby Alpaca trying to die. For no reason that I can see It is warm and nothing out of the ordinary. Now we have a tournament for my youngest daughter this weekend plus a the others have hockey. Hockey until eleven pm tonight and now my husband is going to work. So guess who gets to do it all!! I don't really mind I just hate sitting do nothing all day. At least if my husband is doing the arena he likes hockey.
Oh well! No point in complaining it usually goes well and Miss hyacinth is very excited. So I will be excited too.......

I thought I would just add for my families benefit. AS I am writing Dalt has been reading a novel for an hour !!!!!!! How cool is that.
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

It is amazing how much thinking one does while on a walk. I am sure I should use a little tape recorder. I have great thoughts, clever things I want to say on my blog all sorts of inspiration comes to me. Then I come and poof it is all gone. Can't remember a thing and then by this time I am done. I need sleep. However sleep will have to wait my two boys are still coming home.
I have not taken any new pictures lately but I hope to get inspired soon. I always feel I am playing catch up. So much to do not time to play.
If it is nice tomorrow I am hoping to work outside. I have to drive my daughter into work with daycare for twelve. Then in the afternoon I hope to be outside. Starting at five pm we have hockey that last until eleven pm. So our time is pretty booked.
Have a Great night and I hope to get time to visit my blog.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Today was just a normal day. Started with getting kids off to school, chores worked outside, brought fire wood in. Then we headed off to town for groceries picked up my piece of glass for my cabinet. I decided it was a death trap in my van so I did not pick the kids up from school. I came home unloaded a lot of groceries. We off to the bus for the kids.
My middle son and I went out and walked through the goats for a little visit. We took off some collars and bells as the little ones are growing now and the collars are getting tight. My girls look horrible they are so in need of a hair cut. Soon still a little too cold for them. I have to cut down I do not want the hay bill over my shoulders every year. It is so hard as I really like each of them. So I will start watching any one who is thin and not doing will go. Gosh it so hard. I really like each goat. I think I should have only twenty goats. I am hoping that will be a manageable bunch to feed. Remember you need to add on Alpacas and sheep. Ahh I will still have to many. Decisions... Decisions... Kidding could start within twenty four days

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Anyone for cake?

When my daughter feels like baking we get some awesome desserts.

Today we left home at seven fifteen dropped kids off at the bus then headed into town. We then met my husband and headed off to Kamloops. We had four wisdom teeth removed and all in all it went fine. My daughter did fine a little sore now but nothing too bad. The medicine makes her groggy. She has three types of medicine to take Penicillin, some type of steroid, and a pain killer.
The weather was still quite nice not as much wind today which was nice. It would be nice if the snow melted and the ground dried up a bit for kidding time.
I had my son and his friend carry my wonderful display cabinet into my glass room. It is not an ideal place for it. It is quite large six feet long and twenty six inches wide. The water that was running off the house is starting to wreck it even though I had it covered. However I know I will make it beautiful. I am going to re stain it with a gel stain. Not sure what kind I should use like oak etc. I will ask my mom in the morning. When I go get groceries in the morning I will grab some stain. I am going to get a piece of glass for the top of the cabinet. Then the cabinet can double as a work table with the bonus of a beautiful display inside. I will take before and after photo's.
I am totally inspired to make an altered book. A how to book on the subject was my reading material while at the surgery today. Now I just need to find an old hard back book to use. I know I will have a lot of trouble cutting up the book. I love books.
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