Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wow that was a long time to be away from the blog but it is summer time and we have been busy, extremely busy. The kids are all working so there is a lot of running around but mainly juggling trucks. And, the gardens have over taken my whole summer harvesting was intense and no time to slow down. The lavender was all ready at the same time and our weather was so intense and wonderful it had to be dealt with right away.
When our weather decided to become nice it has been so beautiful just lovely.

This summer I have added a lot of new shrubs, roses, grapes and flowers to the Lavender garden. We also opened up the farm during the month of July so we had quite a few visitors it was nice to share the gardens with them.

On the farm side we have ten little tiny quails that we hatched out gosh they are tiny. I was pretty excited that we actually were able to hatch them.

We separated the lambs last weekend they were so rough on the mom's it was time. A lot of bellering for about twenty four hours and now they all seem to have settled.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Summer Day's

A Beautiful Day
The weather has been nice we have been enjoying our summer swimming, visiting with family yesterday nieces and nephews were here it was really nice to see them. The kids are all growing up so much.
It has been endless work on the farm but it is all good. The gardens are beautiful the lavender is blooming and now the hard work begins it actually is a little overwhelming. I guess I just start on plant at a time. Ahh who wanted so many plants :)

This was Savannah's twenty fourth birthday here they are enjoying cake.

Baby Cash is awesome we sure are enjoying him we laugh all day at him. Watching a child grow is truly an amazing unreal experience. I love it!!!