Monday, February 28, 2011

What a day, a crazy day. Woke up to a bunch of new snow today. The wind started up and blew and blew the snow, all around which made for a very cold breakfast time for the animals. We put fresh hay in all the beds to help everyone keep a little warmer.
I decided to drive my middle daughter in today as it was just too miserable for her to go in by herself. However it did ease up closer to town. When I went to pull out on the highway the snow was blowing so bad I could not even tell if a vehicle was coming or not.
Miss Nana came out for a visit so we crossed county skied, walked the Beagle, had to salvage a little Yorkshire Terrier (who is determined to be a  big dog). She kept falling into the snow drifts but every so often they were just too deep. We had to haul her out and carry her for a bit.
With the fresh snow and the howling wind we had the most amazing snow drifts. It was if someone had chiseled out the snow or like being on the moon the snow was like craters. It was so incredible I have never seen anything like it here before.
Tonight we put the sheep in the barn. I have been keeping my eye on one ewe so I figured in this miserable weather it is better to have them in the barn where it it dry at night. It is such a cold barn but at least they are out of the wind.
Well I am quite tired so off to bed for me have a good night

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This goalie is done. We finished the season. They lost today but man did Sam I am play well. Sooo that means I am sleeping in tomorrow. Don't get to excited we still have practices and heaven forbid if they find extra games.
I watched 1/2 a period but it was way to stressful for me.
We had another busy weekend but I guess we still have tomorrow.
We had to run to Kamloops to pick up parts and pick up my husbands phone. So while he was running his errands I hung out at Chapters and then Micheals.
Well off to bed have a good night.
No new babies yet and thank goodness it is still so cold out.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another cold day but the sun was shining so bright. All the farm animals seem content. Lets hope the sheep wait a bit to start lambing or we could have some very cold babies.
I can't seem to get much done lately or not much fun stuff. The days just go with out me.
Tomorrow my youngest son starts his second round of play offs, so it will be one busy weekend.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A very cold, crisp fresh day. The wind just cut right through me when I was working outside. The sheep are now all separated. The goats are with the goats doing the bad things Goats do. The goats are not being very nice to our ram. He is a young Ram but soon, very, very soon he will Rule!
Thank goodness for this blog. I was able to go back and find out when I turned out my Ram and Buck. So I googled a calculator to use and it gave me the dates to expect the lambing to begin. We could have started as early as the nineteenth of February, so really we are right on schedule. On the first few days the ewes did not like our ram poor guy was getting bumped from every direction.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Flipping sheep. These girls are so wooly. A lot of our ewes are quite friendly on some things that is good but for other things it is better to have them a a bit jumpy.
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Today we moved the sheep and it actually went really easy. So now they are at the barn in the big pen and tomorrow I hope to move the girls who are showing the most. Those sheep who will be first will go into the pen right off the barn. At night into the barn they go with the camera on them.
The ice is so bad here we were worried they would slip. I am quite excited to have babies again on the farm.
Tonight I went out for dinner to Boston Pizza I met up with three friends that I went to school with. One of the ladies was a Swedish exchange student when I was in school. She also came back for our wedding so it has been twenty three years since I have seen her. The cool thing about tonight was out of all four of us not one of us has changed. Amazing.
I will try to post a picture of us that we had from the restaurant.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

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A Hyacinth for Valentines a gift from my oldest daughter.
A very busy hockey weekend. Both our boys are moving up to the next rounds of play offs. There was lots of traveling and many pictures.
We have dropped into a little cold spell. The only good thing to that is the road restrictions have been lifted and we still have our ice rink.
We move our sheep this week back over to the barn. That way we can keep an eye on them and move them into the barn at night. I need to set up the power, our heat box and the camera.
Well off to try to get some of these kids to bed.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Off to check the sheep. Can you see Lu with her ball? She is helping
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Today is very, cold and we had to work outside most of the day. We put up the portable fence, lined it and put in the sheep. We then flipped the girls. All our bred just two we are not a hundred percent on. A few will be sooner.
It is hard to tell on the exact date
My goodness did we freeze. A nasty cold wind. It could be because we are in a full moon.
What are you going to do with the full moon? My sister is going to go cross country skiing tonight. Ahh I so wish I could join her that would be so much fun.
I am thinking I would like to make an apron tonight. I am also thinking of starting up an etsy account??!! Not sure just thoughts.
Go enjoy the full moon.
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Our supper
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Pink Pancakes
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Frozen Rain Drops
This morning even though it was bloody slippery, it was very beautiful. Even now the sun is shining with a clear, clear sky.
I do think I will take a certain Beagle for a walk. He is not too impressed with his nose muzzle but it is amazing he does not pull and we can walk normal now. So I am hoping this will quit me from falling now.
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I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines yesterday.
Ours was busy, crazy so we will have our Valentines dinner tonight.

It rained so hard last night, down pour. Then this morning I could not open my truck doors. They were frozen shut so we allowed ourselves extra time to head out to the bus.
The tree branches were so beautiful this morning with frozen rain drops on them. I took a few pictures but it was really hard to get a good close up.

I have Sam I am home today. He was just going to stay home for a bit this morning to skate on the outside rink but he is not feeling well enough to do it now. It seems to be a bit of a stomach bug that makes the kids have really bad stomach ache that comes and goes then it goes again. It has been on and off for a week hitting one or more of my kids.

Hydro came and cut the tree down that was laying on the power line on the top of our property. I guess up above us there were quite a few trees down from our big wind storm.

Well I should really run and make myself use full. Have a wonderful day.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines
I hope your day was full of love and good cake.
We had dentist, hockey so we did not get our Valentine supper. I will do it tomorrow.
My kids had a nice Valentine. We gave them a little gift, made up candy packages, chocolate chip cupcakes plus my sister sent them all a gift.
I cut some very nice pussy willows today for our kitchen table.
Have a good night
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am extremely tired tonight. I am just waiting for some kids to get sleepy then off to bed I go. We have had a busy weekend. Today my youngest son had a hockey game that he won, it was his first play off game.
Our weather is crazy and it is not good for work.
Today after we came home from hockey the boys split all the firewood and it is now stacked. We also used the tractor to move out the portable fence. We will now set it up for the sheep. So we can deworm and check to see if anyone is due soon.
Our babies could arrive as soon as the end of this month. However I really do not think we will get to many lambs or kids.
I am off to send kids to bed so have a wonderful night.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

This was another little visitor we had.
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A couple of days ago we had a wonderful selection of birds at our feeder. It is like the birds were painted they are so beautiful.
Our days have been so busy lately. The weeks are flying by.
Today we drove into town early to pick up our truck it is all fixed now. Then we went out to the bush for fire wood. We had an amazing drive. Blowing, drifting snow and great colours in the sky. I had great fun taking pictures with my iPhone.
The wind was blowing so crazy I watched a tree blow down. We loaded our wood in record time as we did not want to be stuck in the snow drifts on the road.
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An amazing show of such vivid colours
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This little bird's picture was taken from our kitchen table.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This little machine is awesome it makes a siren sound. They play this when the boys come on the ice.
I love it. My Mom does not like it. I reminds her of the air raid siren of when she was little
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Dalton in his second game in the first round.
They won the first round of the play offs.
This team came first in their league games.
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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

These lovely visitors were down at the coast when we went down last month.
The days just go by too fast. It seems you wake up and start running and before you know it, it is bed time again.
Our yard is extremely dangerous for ice. Yesterday I had one of the worse fall I have ever had. I actually had to lay there for five minutes with the dogs just to make sure I was still alive. I am thinking today I will take a different route to walk the hound dog.
I made some very good cupcakes or I am assuming they were very good since they are all gone. Nothing went easy yesterday. The icing sugar fell off the counter and did it fly, you would be amazed how far that stuff can go.
Today I am making shortbread heart cookies. However we are running on one vehicle today. Which is not going to be easy as my daughter is in school until nine tonight but at the same time I must have the truck too. Sooo another sucky day with not much getting done as I guess I will be the driver.
Why are we running on truck today? Well are damn logging truck is down again. It was down Friday and my husband worked on it all weekend now this. It spent the night in the bush. All we are working for his to pay the bills. I just honesty just paid the last big break down and now two more break downs in three days.
The break down have not been small ones either.
So on that note I hope your day is awesome. Do something wonderful.
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

A busy weekend full of hockey. We watched our oldest daughter have a game. Then my middle son had two first round play off games. They won all games.
We traveled in snow today and we found some very, icy roads in the town.
Today was a very stressful day from trying to get to hockey on time in a snow storm to my kids dramas. Then my oldest daughter was extremely ill while we were away today. She ended up at the hospital and was told she has the Norwalk virus.
I am off to get ready for bed and with in luck I will find early.
Enjoy your evening.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Take the time to Relax
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What do you wish for today?
Today started bright and beautiful then changed over to Gray skies.
I took a walk with a few dogs. They sure do enjoy going out. They bounce, they run they dig, they chase squirrels and they walk one step behind me.
I finished up a few heart ornaments and they smell so beautiful of Lavender. They are amazing.
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