Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years Eve

Tonight we are watching movies Ice Princess, Cutting Edge the kids are skating they have friends over today we had 6 extra visit and they had so much fun. I taught one young girl how to knit on her Nifty knitter and I am spinning some beautiful wool from Aurelia wool and weaving colour Iceberg. It is very, very nice.
My oldest son is in town at a friends and that is so out of my comfort zone I wish they would just stay home and be safe. I don't know what I will do when they move out? Tranquilizer sound good...
Today is my young niece's 6 birthday and she is in Maui with her family for the holidays and I miss her very much so if they read this . "I love you and Happy Birthday".
I would like to use this New Year to catch up on 1/2 projects that are not finished. I don't have too many but I think I will finish what I have started before I plan anything new.
Anyway Have a wonderful and safe night make Great Memories and see you all in the New Year 2007. My wish is to see our world find PEACE, Kindness and Love

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today I had a SAM day

Hi today I spent the day with my youngest son everyone else went off for hockey and I was going to go but I decided to stay home go to town and do the neighbors chores. We did have fun in town looked in stores bought a few groceries, bought Sam some new winter boots, a track suit ( he love suits, not dress suit he loves to match):) Way too funny. Then he also bought running shoes I know it is right after Christmas but the sales are on and his toes are sticking out of his 3 week old running shoes and he has no boots. We then bought new fish for the fish tank so it is lively and fun. Did a McDonald and Tim Horton run. So all in all it was a lovely day.
I am now waiting for everyone to come home and call it a night. Tomorrow is the last day for our neighbors chores the dog went in for surgery and got stitched up and she spent the night at the vet and tonight she will stay in town at their son's house. I am so excited I have found out how to send my photo's on line to Wal Mart and they will process them and phone me when they are done OH MY GOSH this is a whole new lease on life, I have hundreds and hundreds of photo's to print. I do own to printers but I can't catch up. Oh Yeah Me!!!!!!!! Doesn't take much to excite me does it. Any ways off to finish my scarf tonight I hardly get any knitting done if any when I am not in the arena.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trying out our new camera again...

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Puppies are growing Posted by Picasa
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I hope everyone is great. We have been busy but a good busy, our cat is back from the vet neutered and we thought we would have a few days quiet with him. Nope, not, no, never, not going to happen... We had 20 minutes if that quiet time while he drank a bowl of water and ate a whole bowl of food then he was back to terrorizing our house. So all is good.
We are farm sitting for my friend and last week her dog was spayed and she has started chewing her stitches or she pull to hard and broke the stitch open anyways not sure on what to do I phoned her daughter she said she would look on them in the morning and I just got back from checking her so I will go up first thing in the morning I go see her.
I took our tree down today it was getting pretty dry I always get sad when it is time to take down the decorations but have no fear I am already planning next year. I have bought a new fish tank it is a corner one and I have put it in our office room and it looks lovely we put in live plants now we just have to decide what type of fish to get. I would love to do salt water fish but I hear it is tricky to keep it at the right atmosphere. Anyone have any ideas.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My middle son being a goalie

Our place 4pm December 26 2006

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Happy Boxing Day

What a nice Christmas we had time to un-wind, enjoy home and just play. However on Christmas day I did have to go out and clean a few cages but I really don't find that work I enjoy working outside. I am in need of working on my rabbits so I must get on with that.
It is snowing outside again but on the December 23 and Christmas eve after it snowing all afternoon and evening it started to pour rain all night. I had a heck of a time getting through my gates I had to dig my way, through not fun.
Today I cleaned bedrooms helped the kids put away there Christmas toys away set up my youngest daughter's new fish tank moved her fish over. It is very cute. We have also started doing chores for our neighbors over the highway for a few days until December 31 2006.
My dad got a new dog for Christmas from my mom and he just loves it is a Bernese Mountain dog (not sure on that spelling) he has named him Rusty he is 6 weeks old and is very cute.
Today the kids were playing on the ice with neighbors boys and there Uncle and Dad they were having so much fun.
We have been listening to Christmas Carols since the USA had their Thanksgiving and we will miss the greatly one can never get enough of them. We have a radio on in every end of the house so we don't miss any good music. We have a Sirius Radio they are so much fun we can not get any local radio where we live only some times in the barn.
Have a wonderful evening.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Eve

I wish for all of a you a very Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year! Enjoy the warmth and the love of your family and home and make wonderful Memories.
We are preparing for Santa it actually is quite calm here do you think it is the calm before the storm... I am sure it is. The children have been playing hockey on the skating rink outside, they helped do chores now they are watching movies so lets hope they go outside again before our evening celebrations. We had a lovely evening last night we joined over 30 other bowlers bowling that was fun but I don't think I'd quit my day job to bowl:) Well have a wonderful christmas.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

My daughter giving her Auntie her scarf she made for. Family is wonderful they appreciate everything and are so thankful!

My sister in her new Poncho
Holidays have arrived school is done and work finished for a few days. Last night we had a wonderful visit with my sister and her husband and there 2 year old boy we opened gifts sang played the saxophone and had tea and visited. It is a lot of fun to get together. A few posts past I wrote about the Poncho I had made for my niece to give it as a gift well my sister thought for sure it was for her so guess what she got... It was really funny. Then my youngest daughter felt sorry for her and thought she should have something made from her so she mad her a pink scarf and brown tassels.
My youngest brother is on his way to Maui to spend Christmas with his family so I already feel lost he has been here every Christmas since he was born and I get a homesick feeling because he is not here. The bonus is my oldest sister will get to have them for Christmas it would be her first Christmas over there without family so it does work out.
Tonight we celebrate my niece's husbands birthday so there is a lot of celebrating all around. Have a wonderful day and I hope to post again in the next day or two.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fun in the snow


Our trip to town

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The presents are all wrapped and hid and I must not buy my children anything else. I would buy them the world if I could I get very excited to see their happy faces and not just because of presents but of the Christmas tree, the food, the decorations, the time off work, the visiting all the good things that make memories.
The snow if very beautiful and fun for the kids and again we are trying to build a skating rink but our weather is not helping. Tonight we are going to watch my oldest son's hockey game which I did not know about until 15 minutes ago so we will eat supper in town and drive around and look at Christmas lights then go watch the game. However I just looked at my watch it is 2pm must run to the school.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What a nice night we had no hockey my son had friends over and we didn't do a whole lot of anything. It seems quite calm outside storms have all blown away. It is actually rather peaceful. Last busy hockey weekend before Christmas and it's s doozy (if that is a word)then we get 5 or so days off starting Thursday. Yeah I love the holidays.
I have decide to send my kid mohair away to be processed in the new year. I was going to do it myself but I just don't want to use my extra time doing it when Marie does such a great job. Well I must run to get kids up, have a wonderful weekend and make good memories.

My very handsome oldest son. This picture was taken after 11pm Posted by Picasa

Off to the Christmas dance in a Blizzard my middle daughter the one in the black and pink dress fell really hard on the ice and hit her head when I picked her up from school. It put a real damper on her night. Posted by Picasa

My Shetland and silk vest with tassels from Angora, Mohair, Silk, Romney, Alpaca
This vest is Great for the Arnea and shoveling snow. Posted by Picasa

My Christmas purse

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dreaming of summer

Just a quick post while I wait for my kids to phone me, again another crazy day here. We went from pouring rain yesterday to harsh wind and now to well over a foot of the white stuff and the highways are yet to remember we live out this way. My poor husband could not make it home and has taken a hotel in Penticton the hill was closed out of OKAY falls so he waited that out and didn't dump his load until after 6 and he should be home by then. My oldest three kids are staying in town at their Grandma's they are taking a taxi to her house from the civic center and that is stressing them out a little. We just don't do stuff like that. We my youngest three and I went to the Elementary school concert it was very cute very fast and then we promptly got stuck at the school in the snow then we drive home with no highways plowed and the tire tracks were are to follow were to big for our van so she was pulling and jerking every time she hit the deeper snow and that is not good for my nerves. We skipped hockey or I would not be home until 11pm after the dance.
We came home and had to go out and salvage the Alpaca's and baby Angora goats dig around the Border collie pups because the snow was up to their neck and then I went to check my little dogs and they were snowed in their dog houses so we had to dig them out and make a path across the yard and get them in the house. So that was our evening. So off to get ready for bed and wait for the phone to ring.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Happy Birthday Baby
The boys singing very loud! Posted by Picasa

Wouldn't this house look beautiful on a farm. Posted by Picasa

They were trying to ignore me. I made them walk up a lovely street in Revelstoke with beautiul old houses in the rain and slush.( We had two hours to wait until our game) Posted by Picasa

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Birthday party


Yes that is Chocolate on her face Posted by Picasa

I have been told to update the blog

I would love to update the blog but life keeps interfering my goodness has it been busy. I went to Revelstoke on Sunday we had a good trip we left town at 9am and arrived home at 10pm it was a crazy game, rough but my son did get the only two goals even though he only got one given to him. Monday night we cancelled all our hockey and dry land training so we could celebrate my husbands birthday we had a chocolate fountain, juice fountain two birthday cakes, apple pie plus pork roast potatoes, rice, carrots. We bought him a personal vending machine for pop, juice or what ever, new wranglers, new hat, driving gloves, the new hockey movie "the Rocket" so over all it turned out to be a great night and after our birthday celebration we decorated our tree. The tree looks quite nice. However on that night we did have a scary moment I let the kids stay up really late to watch a Christmas movie and my youngest daughter asked me if I had a glue gun and I said no why what do you need it for she could smell it. So instant alert goes on we start smelling around and we can smell very hot wires, so we look behind the couch unplug lights and then we find it. We have a Christmas scene hockey skating animated and the plug is one of the big kind it was so hot we could not touch it. I was not too sure what to do so we unplug it from the extension cord and threw the brand new cord in the garbage and took the plug from the Christmas scene and I made them smell so they could know what hot wires smells like. If we had not stayed up late I think it would have started on fire and then heaven knows what would have happened I have a horrible fear of thinking how I would get all six kids out...
On a happier note I read at the arena Dec. 22 23 24 25 26 NO HOCKEY. That is the calm before the storm then we have tournaments and regular games.
I have made a lovely purse actually two purses one white one purple very cute and fun. I am knitting with some very fun wool from Fleece Artist. Time will tell what it will be. Well off to read my oldest son's poem that he is quite proud of. Good night.