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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day

What a nice Christmas we had time to un-wind, enjoy home and just play. However on Christmas day I did have to go out and clean a few cages but I really don't find that work I enjoy working outside. I am in need of working on my rabbits so I must get on with that.
It is snowing outside again but on the December 23 and Christmas eve after it snowing all afternoon and evening it started to pour rain all night. I had a heck of a time getting through my gates I had to dig my way, through not fun.
Today I cleaned bedrooms helped the kids put away there Christmas toys away set up my youngest daughter's new fish tank moved her fish over. It is very cute. We have also started doing chores for our neighbors over the highway for a few days until December 31 2006.
My dad got a new dog for Christmas from my mom and he just loves it is a Bernese Mountain dog (not sure on that spelling) he has named him Rusty he is 6 weeks old and is very cute.
Today the kids were playing on the ice with neighbors boys and there Uncle and Dad they were having so much fun.
We have been listening to Christmas Carols since the USA had their Thanksgiving and we will miss the greatly one can never get enough of them. We have a radio on in every end of the house so we don't miss any good music. We have a Sirius Radio they are so much fun we can not get any local radio where we live only some times in the barn.
Have a wonderful evening.

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