Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today I had a SAM day

Hi today I spent the day with my youngest son everyone else went off for hockey and I was going to go but I decided to stay home go to town and do the neighbors chores. We did have fun in town looked in stores bought a few groceries, bought Sam some new winter boots, a track suit ( he love suits, not dress suit he loves to match):) Way too funny. Then he also bought running shoes I know it is right after Christmas but the sales are on and his toes are sticking out of his 3 week old running shoes and he has no boots. We then bought new fish for the fish tank so it is lively and fun. Did a McDonald and Tim Horton run. So all in all it was a lovely day.
I am now waiting for everyone to come home and call it a night. Tomorrow is the last day for our neighbors chores the dog went in for surgery and got stitched up and she spent the night at the vet and tonight she will stay in town at their son's house. I am so excited I have found out how to send my photo's on line to Wal Mart and they will process them and phone me when they are done OH MY GOSH this is a whole new lease on life, I have hundreds and hundreds of photo's to print. I do own to printers but I can't catch up. Oh Yeah Me!!!!!!!! Doesn't take much to excite me does it. Any ways off to finish my scarf tonight I hardly get any knitting done if any when I am not in the arena.

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