Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet 16 Awesome 18 Birthdays

Here is my oldest son giving my middle daughter her present. I think they had a good birthday. This picture was taken very early in the morning.
Eating birthday food
Cakes, Pizza, cupcakes, pop, chips fun food, fun friends good movie all adds up to a Great time.
Today was a very busy day but it turned out fun in the end. My son turned 18 and my daughter turned 16. It is amazing how grown up they are. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look at his lovely house.
The ocean is very beautiful
When it is a beautiful day it is very calming.
Today was a full day of hockey, grocery shopping , chores, moving some sheep that we bought from our neighbor and decorating, baking and cleaning. Tomorrow is my daughter and son's birthday they are 16 and 18. How unbelievable is that.
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Guess what showed up on our door step

We went to Penticton today we left at 9 am and got home at 9:30 and guess who was home !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is home for up to 2 weeks. It was in his plans to come home but he hurt his knee so they said go home. Yah!!!!!! He is home for his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all so Happy no wonder he did not answer his text messages today. He told me complete lies all morning about his new billet place.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Our now NO TOLL Highway

Here is the Coquihalla highway when we came home last weekend. We lucked out we missed the snow. There was rain and fog though.

We saw this yarder on our way down and it was still there on our way home.
Funny they were not in a hurry to get it back up or at least get it up right before WCB show up!!!!!! Imagine the horrible feeling being in that going over, unless they just used it to tie their Sky line to it.
Today our bears were back and tonight my dads dog is very nervous barking all afternoon towards the bottom of our drive way. We went to see and could not see anything. My husband and some of my kids are at the hockey game it is just my middle son and me home. I am knackered but I have to stay awake until after 10pm as my son will be phoning. Tomorrow hockey at 7am then little son has to go to Penticton for hockey then he has to go to Kelowna. I would like to go but my kids have hockey and time keeping here.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here is a huge fish someone caught it was huge and so yucky. Ach I hate fish
Jord dreaming of fishing

More weird ocean life. I wonder what this stuff is?
Today I have been awake since 1:30 am I could not sleep not even if you paid me. So I found coffee and started to clean my room. How does it get messy when I am never in there...I then plucked more feathers from my very expensive bed then shop vacuumed. I swear it is like sleeping with Oliver. Oh Oliver is our big, brown, rubbery Muscovy duck. FEATHERS everywhere it is absolutely amazing. I then hung up my winter look. I just hope my husband does not get all tangled up when he shuts off his alarm, actually if don't tell him it is really funny but he just about wrecks the place...:)
Our bear was back tonight with her two cubs and what does my son do throws rocks at her and she stands up on her hind legs or maybe it was one of the cubs I was in town at hockey. Do you ever wonder why I walk around with stress headaches all the time. Well I am off to bed have a good night.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We bought our son a Salmon fishing rod to fish off this peer. It is actually quite cool
Look at the amazing drift wood it was so white and pretty. I really wanted to bring it all home with me.
I love these chairs! I think they must be there to admire the ocean and to sit in while you wait for a poor unsuspecting fish to bite your hook then you take it home and cook it for supper. Jord pretending to give me a hair cut. Is that fog not totally amazing. Did you know... I just read tonight that there was a Sasquatch (not sure on that spelling) sighting in Campbell River how cool is that! Imagine driving along the ocean in all that fog and a big ole Sasquatch steps out in front of you enough to make you night mare.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jord having dad time. The gray back ground is complete fog it was so thick you could not see much in front of you
We found this on the ocean it looked like after birth we never did figure out what it was
Jord was making us pose we were laughing so hard you would think at least our photo would have turned out nice especially for how long it took for him to take it.
Today while I was doing chores and raking up the barn area I had a bear right behind my long red kidding barn. At first I did not hear anything as I had some really good music going on in my ipod. I saw my black alpaca run to the fence out of the corner of my eye and all my goats were in the center of the pen then I saw a brown cub and I was sure looking around for Momma bear. I went over to our other field and I saw another bear running. I am not sure if they met up with their mom we have heard a loot of gun shots so maybe something got the mom. I hope they move on and don't come in my yard again. I love to see the bears I get really excited but they need to move on because if they go after the animals we will have to do something about them. Tomorrow Mimzy get neutered it is a little too late as my two Yorkshire terriers are going to have puppies. We had to wait as it is 300.00 to have it done now what is a fancy name for Yorkshire terriers cross Chihuahua. Actually one of our dogs is a cross and she looks just like a Yorkshire terrier. Then I have a hair cut and then a school meeting. So it will be a busy day.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Here is the first game we watched.
This is the score board mys on got the first goal of this game and the first goal of the next game too.
This is the score board of my son sitting in the penalty box.

Jord is 21. The first game was not too bad for roughness but the second night was quite a bit rougher. It seems the team they played had one aim. It was to start a fight and throw a punch to the head. I wonder what goes through the boys heads when they get like that. Up in the stands of course we don't know what is being said. On the second game it was in the next town their bus broke down so they boys had to drive. That part was not in our plans not for the safety issue or in the fuel... not too sure what to think of it all . Plus he is quite away from the arena and town so if he stays I think he will have to ask if he can be billeted closer for winter and for the fuel. On the first game they had a young girl sing O Canada she was really good I quite liked her voice.
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How grown up is this guy!

Here is my very lovely oldest son. I was so happy Happy to see him. We had a lovely time visiting and we quite enjoyed the town. it is right on the ocean a bit smelly if you are not used to it. A cross between stale water, pulp mill, and rotten water. I love to visit the ocean but I am pretty sure I was not a sailor in my previous life as my stomach was heaving at the smell.
Is he not absolutely cute. He has the most beautiful smile but won't show his perfect teeth in pictures. I will write more about my trip but I must run to the bus this morning.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is a poicture of my own yarn Lopi and two ply from my Angora goats and sheep 70% mohair and 30% wool. I also have these very cool socks made from Mohair/wool. I am selling each pair of socks for $12.00. At the moment I have two sizes medium adult 7-9 or larger 10-11. If anyone is intersted they can e-mail me at
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Hi today I spent most of the day making soccer balls many, many, many soccer balls later this all for my daughters soccer theme birthday party. Then I spent the remainder of my day putting my books into the computer.
My plans are up in the air we may go to Campbell River tomorrow instead of next Thur. My husband got a phone call tonight he is shut for fire season yah I know it has been freezing nearly every morning and we get shut down!!!!!!!!! So if my son's phone tonight and it will work we will go in the morning. If I do go I won't post until Sunday night or Monday morning.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


During the last few days I have been bringing in plants for winter. It is quite hard to find spots for them. Here in this photo is my Amethyst fountain it is really pretty.
Here is my house nice and tidy. I am really a happy person when my house is clean.
For my lunch I made my friends lavender sachets with a mixture of Lavender and Amethyst. They say if you put an Amethyst under your pillow you will have a very restful sleep. I actually sleep with a lovely embroidered linen of Lavender it smells so pretty.
Today I went to Kamloops with my oldest daughter she really wanted to go look around at the stores have I ever mentioned she is a horrible shopper ...nothing looks good... too expensive...not the right colour...etc
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bear Scare

Here is the photo my mom took of my alpacas gathering the baby goats, three adult goats plus the baby Alpacas in circle away from where the biggest Cinnamon bear and her two cubs were. The Momma bear was huge way too close for comfort. I do hope she stays out of our property and away from our livestock. We are seeing bears everyday now I saw one tonight on our way home and the kids are seeing two or three every trip to and from school.
Today I had a nice lunch at my house I will post a picture tomorrow of getting ready for our lunch. If my son is still in Campbell River ( I guess they are still doing cuts this weekend) I am for sure planning to go see him. My daughter has just informed me she would like a soccer theme for her birthday, so now I am in planning mode!
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting ready for winter

Fire wood lots of fire wood.
This is all we use to heat our house propane is too expensive it is one thing to fill up but when it is cold it barley lasts a month.
Grain bin full now that is a very good feeling.
Kindling ready for those hard to light fires

Potatoes lots and lots of potatoes. My mom and Dad grow an awesome garden it is hard to believe what they get out of it.
Today I cleaned my house tidied the fish tank, moved the family room around, changed my birds cage, did some laundry. I also went to town and bought a flat of wood pellets for our back stove. I am getting so organized just not too sure what for????
I am counting the days until I can go visit Jordan I sure do miss him. Soon very soon. I have been watching the news of hurricane Ike, I am sure thankful for my mountains. I can not imagine what it must be like to live there the stress but be horrible.
I have been hunting for two weeks for my wollee winder for my spinning wheel I put it safe, so safe I have not been able to find it. I found it today so now I am ready to spin again.
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