Friday, September 26, 2008

Our now NO TOLL Highway

Here is the Coquihalla highway when we came home last weekend. We lucked out we missed the snow. There was rain and fog though.

We saw this yarder on our way down and it was still there on our way home.
Funny they were not in a hurry to get it back up or at least get it up right before WCB show up!!!!!! Imagine the horrible feeling being in that going over, unless they just used it to tie their Sky line to it.
Today our bears were back and tonight my dads dog is very nervous barking all afternoon towards the bottom of our drive way. We went to see and could not see anything. My husband and some of my kids are at the hockey game it is just my middle son and me home. I am knackered but I have to stay awake until after 10pm as my son will be phoning. Tomorrow hockey at 7am then little son has to go to Penticton for hockey then he has to go to Kelowna. I would like to go but my kids have hockey and time keeping here.
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