Monday, September 22, 2008

Here is the first game we watched.
This is the score board mys on got the first goal of this game and the first goal of the next game too.
This is the score board of my son sitting in the penalty box.

Jord is 21. The first game was not too bad for roughness but the second night was quite a bit rougher. It seems the team they played had one aim. It was to start a fight and throw a punch to the head. I wonder what goes through the boys heads when they get like that. Up in the stands of course we don't know what is being said. On the second game it was in the next town their bus broke down so they boys had to drive. That part was not in our plans not for the safety issue or in the fuel... not too sure what to think of it all . Plus he is quite away from the arena and town so if he stays I think he will have to ask if he can be billeted closer for winter and for the fuel. On the first game they had a young girl sing O Canada she was really good I quite liked her voice.
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Anonymous said...

Is JOrdan having fun? Does he want to stay?
He looks like one of the big kids mother's always say, "And the other team were so much bigger!"
Will he be there long enough to send a b-day card?
What's his mailing address?
Love Aunty Sally