Wednesday, September 17, 2008


During the last few days I have been bringing in plants for winter. It is quite hard to find spots for them. Here in this photo is my Amethyst fountain it is really pretty.
Here is my house nice and tidy. I am really a happy person when my house is clean.
For my lunch I made my friends lavender sachets with a mixture of Lavender and Amethyst. They say if you put an Amethyst under your pillow you will have a very restful sleep. I actually sleep with a lovely embroidered linen of Lavender it smells so pretty.
Today I went to Kamloops with my oldest daughter she really wanted to go look around at the stores have I ever mentioned she is a horrible shopper ...nothing looks good... too expensive...not the right colour...etc
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Anonymous said...

WOW! Your house looks great Gig! So clean and airy. Too bad I couldn't be a lunch guest. One day when I blow this popsicle stand!
I wish you would return my calls, I know that you are done with the hay so time to phone me.
I even noticed the lovely bananas near the kitchen.
"Every nice house has yellow bananas".
Miss you so much!
Love your niece.

Anonymous said...

What kinda sauce did you serve w/ ur lavender, amethyst sachets?
I will be suprised if they want to have lunch w/ u again regardless of how clean ur hse is!