Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jord having dad time. The gray back ground is complete fog it was so thick you could not see much in front of you
We found this on the ocean it looked like after birth we never did figure out what it was
Jord was making us pose we were laughing so hard you would think at least our photo would have turned out nice especially for how long it took for him to take it.
Today while I was doing chores and raking up the barn area I had a bear right behind my long red kidding barn. At first I did not hear anything as I had some really good music going on in my ipod. I saw my black alpaca run to the fence out of the corner of my eye and all my goats were in the center of the pen then I saw a brown cub and I was sure looking around for Momma bear. I went over to our other field and I saw another bear running. I am not sure if they met up with their mom we have heard a loot of gun shots so maybe something got the mom. I hope they move on and don't come in my yard again. I love to see the bears I get really excited but they need to move on because if they go after the animals we will have to do something about them. Tomorrow Mimzy get neutered it is a little too late as my two Yorkshire terriers are going to have puppies. We had to wait as it is 300.00 to have it done now what is a fancy name for Yorkshire terriers cross Chihuahua. Actually one of our dogs is a cross and she looks just like a Yorkshire terrier. Then I have a hair cut and then a school meeting. So it will be a busy day.
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Chucherriers? Terruahua?