Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cool Weather

Our weather has cooled off and you need to have sweater on go figure. We had a nice weekend my mother in law, brother in law and aunt in law came over for a visit. We have been putting up a new fence around the door way of the barn to keep out my dad's dogs they like to help themselves to my rabbits. So I hope to finish that tomorrow and I would like to get it all done except maybe not the gate. I also have to finish the arch I am building by my front gate tomorrow the wind wrecked the light iron one I had. Yet before I can have fun finishing up projects I have to go pay my GST at the bank I hate banks and I like to avoid them at all costs. On the spinning end I am still spinning my beautiful blend of silk and Cashmere from Mud River Angoras you should go check it out they have a nice web sight. I am also working on my cream coloured cotton shawl. Well off to bed

Thursday, July 27, 2006

How Embarrassing

Poor Goat we are not too sure where she found the tomato holder. It was just to funny not to take a photo. She could not walk in from the pasture so we had to catch her and she waited quietly for us to untangle her. In the past we have had goats with buckets stuck on there heads, boxes, and pieces of fence.
I have finished my scarf so now I am making a cotton shawl which should be quite nice.
Have a wonderful time and make great memories.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Summer Fun

We spend most of our days swimming and the kids are having a blast. Last night we stayed up till 11:30pm watching an electrical storm it was amazing the whole sky would light up. I am knitting up the cotton scarf for a Christmas present so another hot day by the pool and I should finish it.

Monday, July 24, 2006

What do you do when the temperature reaches this!

It is so hot here! The animals are having a terrible time I have lost 5 Rabbits in spite of us cooling them down and ice bottles. I like the hot weather because we really do not get too much of it but it is just too hard on the animals.
The kids have been loving the pool eating, ice cream and playing in front of the fans. While the kids swim I have been knitting I am knitting with cotton and it keeps getting very wet so it should be pre shrunk. I will write more later they are calling for me to take them to the pool and we have one huge rule here no swimming until my husband or I or my mom and dad are at the pool with them.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Plantain is the light yellow and Beet-Root is the pink. I used Alum and it turned the Beets into a beautiful colour

The News in Our World

I having been reading the news and I am finding it is making me very sad everything is so extreme. The wars, young children sick, young teenagers dying while playing, people dying in my own town so much sickness. The heat is abnormal. I feel very thankful for where I live and I pray everyday we stay safe.
We have been having a hot spell and we have been getting up into the 40's it is very hard on the animals because on Wednesday it was only 5 above.
I am starting to make a few Christmas gifts and then I will put them aside until I need them.
We have been making jam from raspberries it is very good, I don't think I will get any put away for winter when my kids keep eating it as fast as I make it. Well I will post the photo's later this evening I must go cool the rabbits again. Take care and my thoughts are with you all.

Monday, July 17, 2006

My City Fix

I was off visiting a friend this weekend she lives about an hour away from me in a near by city. I was having my city fix we walked along the main street of the place and looked in some really fun stores and stayed up late beading and visiting.
I am having trouble jumping in and starting to dye my wool I guess I just do not know where to start. I am also wondering if I am to order some dye (chemical dye) would it be better to buy the primary clours so I can add and change amounts to get different colours then I would keep the expense down. When I was away this weekend I was analyzing the colour of things to see what looks good together there was a lot to inspire me. Maybe today I will get my stuff together and start this week. I also need arrange my beautiful room where my loom is. I gave a huge plant away to my friend to make more space so that is also on my list of things to do.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Change of Plans

Do you ever have where you make Great plans nothing extreme just everyday stuff and it constantly gets Changed, well that happens to me constantly. My youngest son was off to stay with my sister for nearly a week at the Homestead 2/1/2 - 3 hours away. He packed two suitcases plus another carry bag and was off, he couldn't make 24 hours. He does not cry unless he gets really hurt well I guess he cried both nights (lots) wanting to come home. His brother and sisters didn't go two were heading up yesterday with my mom and dad and my brother and his family were going today and he still needed to come home. So I phone my husband at work he leaves by 3am and told him we had to head up to get him so after our full day off we go and we got home at 11;30 PM fell into bed and a few hours later start a new day all over again. We were so tired coming home and the road back is awful narrow and winding.
On our way to the lake we saw a BEAUTIFUL FOX he was really, really pretty. I have never seen the colour he was before and his tail looked like he dipped it into silver ink. Also on our way home a huge female moose ran across in front of us she also was beautiful and quite graceful and she would have been even nicer if we didn't have to slam on the breaks to stop from hitting her. I realized how quickly in a split second ones life can change it could have been awful.
On a good note though I started a new shawl with cream coloured cotton pretty simple but I would like to weave beads along the bottom I am not to sure how it will work out but I will have fun watching it grow. Well of to have a productive day talk to you all soon

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My new floor loom

How is this for short term memory I uploaded my photo first to my blog and then completely forgot what picture I put up! It took several minutes of hard thinking to remember which picture it was. I really enjoy working on the loom I just have a real issue on sitting around all the time. I would like to make several different projects but I am quite slow with my creative time. I am using some gorgeous wool on the loom that I spun up, it is real pretty.
I am waiting on the Woolee winder that I ordered from the States and I am quite excited, I had e-mailed the young man who makes them and he was very quick in replying. So I will let you know when I receive it.
I opened my wool that I received back yesterday and I could knit for 1000's and more with it all. I have beautiful wool blends with silk I am going to dye some the only thing stopping me is fear I know I just have to jump in it with two feet and go.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sitting all day

Here is a photo of my beautiful Border Leicester skein dyed with Lovely orange Honey Suckles. It came out a lovely happy yellow.

How can one person sit all day at the computer. I have been working n my web page and I am starting to see double. It is so time consuming.
We are in the middle of our summer the kids are swimming, playing at the river, biking, going for walks, visiting their cousins and Aunts, Going to the lake 31/2 hours away from me( I hate that part)
My wool arrived so I am quite excited I have some beautiful Shetland Lamb mixed with a silk blend. It is a very pretty brown with raspberry pink throughout it. I am quite excited to give it a try and I hope to have some up on my Web page soon for sale. I also hope to get some dying in this summer try some new fun colours. Have a wonder time and take care.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Party Time

Today my oldest daughter is having a birthday party she is now 17, it is amazing how quickly time goes. So in honor of her party we went to town and bought a huge amount of food for these very hungry teens and pray for nice weather so they can stay by the pool, hot tub and not in my living room.
We are in the middle of bringing in Winter Hay so far I am at 16 round, 315 square when I get this all nicely paid for I will have to order more.
Today we take back our mother cat and four kittens that we have been fostering it has been a lot of fun. We may pick one kitten to keep it is hard for the kids to choose and I feel especially guilty over the mom she is lovely. However the mom doesn't like our other cats and I am scared if she goes outside the dogs won't know her and try to chase her.
Last night I tried my hand at weaving on my floor loom again and I am having a lot of trouble with the warp breaking and breaking over again on the spot that I fix. So I will keep at it but it is very frustrating.
Have a Wonderful day

Saturday, July 01, 2006

O Canada

Happy Birthday
What a Wonderful Country we live, I am proud to be a Canadian. I truly think our Country is beautiful.
Today was a quiet day with just the usual chores, we swam, had bar-b-q, drove into town, took the kids to Dairy Queen and let them look around Wal Mart. We built an
arch so when we walk in the front yard we will walk under an arch way. It will look very nice when the Roses and Virginia Creeper begin to climb up it.
On the spinning wheel I am spinning blue face Border leicester dyed red for Canada Day. On the knitting needles I am trying my luck at a hat however it does look big and I am using white Border Leicester and the Red that I am spinning. On the other set of needles I am still plugging away at a sock. How do people knit fast I am not very quick at it. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and remember to make GREAT memories.