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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cool Weather

Our weather has cooled off and you need to have sweater on go figure. We had a nice weekend my mother in law, brother in law and aunt in law came over for a visit. We have been putting up a new fence around the door way of the barn to keep out my dad's dogs they like to help themselves to my rabbits. So I hope to finish that tomorrow and I would like to get it all done except maybe not the gate. I also have to finish the arch I am building by my front gate tomorrow the wind wrecked the light iron one I had. Yet before I can have fun finishing up projects I have to go pay my GST at the bank I hate banks and I like to avoid them at all costs. On the spinning end I am still spinning my beautiful blend of silk and Cashmere from Mud River Angoras you should go check it out they have a nice web sight. I am also working on my cream coloured cotton shawl. Well off to bed

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