Friday, July 07, 2006

Party Time

Today my oldest daughter is having a birthday party she is now 17, it is amazing how quickly time goes. So in honor of her party we went to town and bought a huge amount of food for these very hungry teens and pray for nice weather so they can stay by the pool, hot tub and not in my living room.
We are in the middle of bringing in Winter Hay so far I am at 16 round, 315 square when I get this all nicely paid for I will have to order more.
Today we take back our mother cat and four kittens that we have been fostering it has been a lot of fun. We may pick one kitten to keep it is hard for the kids to choose and I feel especially guilty over the mom she is lovely. However the mom doesn't like our other cats and I am scared if she goes outside the dogs won't know her and try to chase her.
Last night I tried my hand at weaving on my floor loom again and I am having a lot of trouble with the warp breaking and breaking over again on the spot that I fix. So I will keep at it but it is very frustrating.
Have a Wonderful day

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