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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The News in Our World

I having been reading the news and I am finding it is making me very sad everything is so extreme. The wars, young children sick, young teenagers dying while playing, people dying in my own town so much sickness. The heat is abnormal. I feel very thankful for where I live and I pray everyday we stay safe.
We have been having a hot spell and we have been getting up into the 40's it is very hard on the animals because on Wednesday it was only 5 above.
I am starting to make a few Christmas gifts and then I will put them aside until I need them.
We have been making jam from raspberries it is very good, I don't think I will get any put away for winter when my kids keep eating it as fast as I make it. Well I will post the photo's later this evening I must go cool the rabbits again. Take care and my thoughts are with you all.

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