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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sitting all day

Here is a photo of my beautiful Border Leicester skein dyed with Lovely orange Honey Suckles. It came out a lovely happy yellow.

How can one person sit all day at the computer. I have been working n my web page and I am starting to see double. It is so time consuming.
We are in the middle of our summer the kids are swimming, playing at the river, biking, going for walks, visiting their cousins and Aunts, Going to the lake 31/2 hours away from me( I hate that part)
My wool arrived so I am quite excited I have some beautiful Shetland Lamb mixed with a silk blend. It is a very pretty brown with raspberry pink throughout it. I am quite excited to give it a try and I hope to have some up on my Web page soon for sale. I also hope to get some dying in this summer try some new fun colours. Have a wonder time and take care.

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