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Saturday, July 01, 2006

O Canada

Happy Birthday
What a Wonderful Country we live, I am proud to be a Canadian. I truly think our Country is beautiful.
Today was a quiet day with just the usual chores, we swam, had bar-b-q, drove into town, took the kids to Dairy Queen and let them look around Wal Mart. We built an
arch so when we walk in the front yard we will walk under an arch way. It will look very nice when the Roses and Virginia Creeper begin to climb up it.
On the spinning wheel I am spinning blue face Border leicester dyed red for Canada Day. On the knitting needles I am trying my luck at a hat however it does look big and I am using white Border Leicester and the Red that I am spinning. On the other set of needles I am still plugging away at a sock. How do people knit fast I am not very quick at it. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and remember to make GREAT memories.

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