Sunday, March 31, 2013

A busy wonderful weekend.
 Happy Easter everyone I hope you had a wonderful time.
I had a weekend full of surprises. My friends came for a visit so that was cool. Then our son and his girlfriend came home for Easter it was a surprise since they were just home a few weeks ago. I was at the gate saying good by to my friends when Jordan drives up.
 So exciting.
He brought home two boxes of chicks from 150 mile a lovely mixture of chicks. If you are local and need some really cool chicks check out
Phoenix Farms on Face book she can set you up with some awesome birds.
Our middle daughter came home on Friday for the weekend we picked her up at College. Our oldest daughter, her fiance and baby also came out plus her mother in law joined us today.
On Friday we headed out on a road trip to pick the college student then onto another little town for a Jersey Milk Cow and two little calves. We have had to Doctor the calves all weekend so I hope they turn for the better tomorrow. They are thin and their milk is very, very rich.
My friends from Naramata Lavender Farm also joined us today, I showed them our farm and the Lavender house. It always hard to see it through the eyes of other people. They also picked up their large order of products.
My brother and his two children also joined us for the day it was so nice to spend time with the kids they are growing up so much.
Then we had a walk to the river and ended our day with a really nice supper at my Mom and Dad's I think there was seventeen people for dinner.
I wish you all a very Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of spring and it brought rain down pours of rain and a very cool wind.
The snow level was right around us.
We had a new Ewe lamb today that we had to pull, not overly big she was just a small Mom. The little baby has a huge bulls eye on her back, very cute.

Thank goodness it Spring break so I had the kids home to help me pull the lamb and look after the Grandson.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We have starting Lambing we are at two sets of twins, one single - Three females and two males - we pulled one.
We have been spring cleaning our little pond is set and running and so is our little fountain in the lavender garden.
In the incubator so far we have hatched three chicks out of thirty six I hope it picks up.
Our weather in temperature has been nice but the wind is just ruining it. Such a cold wind.
Our new ducks are enjoying the Lavender Garden and so far they are not touching the lavender plants. They have given us only three eggs so far.

Monday, March 04, 2013

A good morning. Time is marching on here. It is unreal it is March already too crazy. We have been busy, busy, busy late nights and really mornings. Jordan and Cass were home for the week so awesome to see them. Last night Mom and Dad made us a nice turkey dinner, I was so tired though.
Allan is driving a logging truck this week, that is good work has been slow for him.
Today is a baby Cash day I head in about seven forty five for him. He is walking so good now and he is quite the character.

Yesterday I went to Kamloops because our middle son had a first aid course to take so it was a long early day there. I went to visit my friend for an hour or two.We had a nice visit she has an amazing sewing machine that we were playing with.
On Saterday I went to see some people I know and came home with four new peacocks so if nothing gets them like a raccoon I have eight now. They are amazing birds I quite like them.
This is my picture I have been working on