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Monday, March 04, 2013

A good morning. Time is marching on here. It is unreal it is March already too crazy. We have been busy, busy, busy late nights and really mornings. Jordan and Cass were home for the week so awesome to see them. Last night Mom and Dad made us a nice turkey dinner, I was so tired though.
Allan is driving a logging truck this week, that is good work has been slow for him.
Today is a baby Cash day I head in about seven forty five for him. He is walking so good now and he is quite the character.

Yesterday I went to Kamloops because our middle son had a first aid course to take so it was a long early day there. I went to visit my friend for an hour or two.We had a nice visit she has an amazing sewing machine that we were playing with.
On Saterday I went to see some people I know and came home with four new peacocks so if nothing gets them like a raccoon I have eight now. They are amazing birds I quite like them.
This is my picture I have been working on

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