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Monday, April 07, 2014

It has been so crazy here on the farm no time for blogging at all. We have been in a mind crazy cleaning and sorting stage Huge, huge amounts of work done.
It is amazing how much work we are getting done. We have done some real nasty jobs that we looked at for years ~ yes years and could not face.
Our wood shed turned  into a storing shed which turned into a complete dump it is all empty  and clean now we are deciding pull it down and rebuild or leave it. Maybe we don't have to decide right now it is just clean.

I planted six new plum trees in a new area it will look so nice. First a couple of weekends ago my husband flattened the area with the tractor then we raked and made piles which I will move later today. We coyote proofed the back fence some more. Then in went six trees all plum five of one kind and one that is different plum. I would like to add some different fruit trees but I picked up the plum trees really reasonably priced. Now I will still work on the area throw a bit more grass seed and make into a relaxing orchard. Ahh so excited.

We also moved a cage and shed from my Mom's yard so we have an extra cage at the barn which is already in use. The shed is in the lavender garden to hold little tables, garden tools and lawn mower.
So we will keep ongoing with Spring cleaning

Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Morning this is the rock bluff where I get my rocks from this picture just does not show how awesome it really is. Always have one eye on those rocks never take for granted you are at the bottom...

 I have moved so many rocks but the gardens are looking great. I have been working like crazy here every Spring it is intense but with my daughter changing her wedding from November to July a little bit of panic mode hit me. Why? well it does not matter what I have plans for wedding etc. the lavender blooms like clock work and that alone is a huge amount of work.
My Mom and I are ordering some chicks and a few turkeys this Spring The turkeys are ready so I am getting them Sat. I already have a house cleaned for them all I have to do it put on the heat lamp.
I am so stalling this morning as it is snowing again ahh so miserable out'

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A lovely weekend to all of you

These two little guys were hatched here only one of each they were so tiny and cute and now they fly at me and get all puffed up with so much attitude. Totally ungrateful

 This is our youngest son winning his hockey award MVP for his rep team he is a goalie.
This weekend I used up my time in the gardens we finished the raking of pine needles in the one garden and darn it if we did not have a huge wind storm. I am so over pine needles

Friday, March 14, 2014

This has been my last couple of days. A charming little boy has been hanging out with me. In this top picture we had been outside in the front garden me cleaning him on little adventures. He has had a cold so I think all the adventures, fresh air just tuckered him out. Isn't he absolutely beautiful.

The next day we did not go outside as much as he quite a good cough and a cold. However it was a cupboard day one where every drawer was calling his name so I gave him a cloth and told him to clean. He absolutely loves to clean and sometimes he sings clean up clean up...
At the beginning of the week I did manage to get quite a bit of cleaning done on the farm, mainly on the gardens it is so overwhelming in the Spring. All you can do is one step at a time or you just don't even know where to begin. My one goal has always been to have the front yard nice for Easter then it is set for the summer.
Enjoy your day

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring time finally found us and I am sure we may still get some cold spells like it is still -4 this am. I managed to get an amazing amount of work done in the lavender garden no I am no where near being done but I will win. You know if I did not have pine needles 99.9999 percent of my work would be gone. This tree is huge he has been hit my the pine beetle quite a few times but he has managed to hang on. Mano h man if he dies and has to come down I am leaving for the weekend I would cry to see all the damage

 Poor little lavender plant it was crazy how it just squashed it the branches were huge when we cut them down they do not look so big in the tree.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

I truly do not know where the time goes. We are still having winter and even though it was a fairly mild winter I am so over it now. I have so much work to do that I need to get outside. My daughter has moved her wedding form November up to July so I need to clean, clean and more clean. I know I can do it, it just seems overwhelming right now.

 These two pictures show of a very nice way to add nature to your home and garden without spending any money. I have Cedar branches living beautiful in the jars of water and I could change them over to nice vase if I choose to. I just clean out the water now and then and they stay so fresh.

 Here are more branches that add a little green and nature to your home. This was a sweet mistake and the liven up the house during these dreary months.
I hope to bring in more rocks this weekend for my walk way to the lavender house. I need to make it nicer for the wedding. So that is my agenda this weekend.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

We have had a busy month here. A lot of family time we celebrated family day it was a perfect day cold enough to skate this will be the last time for our rink we are now warming up and rain. All the kids skated and hung out together.

 I have been enjoying learning my new machine. It is time consuming but it can be pretty cool. This is a shirt I had made for my brother for his birthday. I had to rush it but once I had it ironed up it looked okay.

This is our baby Alpaca she lost her Mom this winter so we are keeping her close and giving her lots of love. It has been a rough winter on the animals. Which I am not too sure why as it was pretty mild, yes the temperature has been jumping around and we did hit some cold days and nights but over all not too bad.