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Monday, August 25, 2014

It has been a busy time here on the farm and it is so crazy to think it is the end of August.
summer flew by
We have had a few fun weekends visiting once to the lake to see family. We have headed of on little day trips on the weekends to visit our daughter. Our kids that are away have been home to visit so I guess that is why time is flying by.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It is a funny thing even with our intense heat I can still feel fall creeping in. The hay is being brought in and my mind has been drifting towards ahh we need to get fire wood!! We also need to pull off one more auction trip before the summer grass goes.
School is two weeks away and that is plain crazy the time has flown by even with the added days of the teachers strike I feel like I missed summer.
Today I canned peaches and only one jar sealed hmm so over it so much work for it not to turn out. I was going to do more but no point I will have to keep these in the fridge and I will be running out of room.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A beautiful morning here on the farm. We had some rain last night so it made a wonderful misty fog this morning. The drive into town was awesome.
It has been quiet on the home front this month of August and part of July once the crazies of the wedding settled the day after the wedding mu kids all departed. Two back to school for their summer semesters, one off to try a new job and jump into the grown up world and will add she is totally pulling it off, One off to be a married women and plan her future, one off to fire fight and has been kept busy right through and one left at home to learn what it is like to a be an only child.
The farm is always busy never dull moment.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wow so much time has gone by and I have so much catching up to do. It has been crazy, unreal, unbelievable busy I can finally come up to breath. So much to tell you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary
Twenty six years married it is amazing how quickly time goes by
A lot has happened over the years but at the same time we have just steadily moved along.
 We live a simple life not a quiet life it is full of noise, kids and loudness.
 And, a life full of moving meaning working, running and just doing things always busy.
Stress loves to jump in all the time we could do without that but it clings on to us for dear life.
We have moved from babies to grown up children our youngest just turned sixteen and our oldest is getting married in about eight weeks ~ Too crazy for words
We have added a beautiful boy to our family a lovely grandson who is the apple of every one's eye.
Here's to us wishing us many more.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Time is marching on by we are already into May ~ how does that happen.

We are in birthday mode we have one celebration after another.
It goes Easter, birthday, birthday, birthday, Mothers day, birthday, wedding shower, grad , wedding shower, birthday wedding...all within the next three months.

Crazy busy

Our weather has been nice the last few days and it made a lot of the trees come out into bloom so pretty with a nice scent amidst the farm.
My new orchard is nearly all planted I need two more trees to even it out and I am thinking pear tree and maybe apricot. The only problem with pear and apricot is they bloom early and we always get frost.
On our road trip last weekend I saw Apple trees that are just like straight sticks column tree I think they maybe called whole fields of them. I would like to get some of those but I wonder where you find them. They really are cool looking

Well I must run and try to finish my walk way today and that means loads of smaller rock from the rock bluff and then that means a whole lot of heavy lifting

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter to all of you

It was nice all our children were able to make it home for the weekend. We had our Easter today so our oldest son could join us as he flies back to school tomorrow.
The weather has been okay not super warm and not super cold.

I made a new orchard here on the farm so far I have eight trees. I would like a few more then I will sit back and watch them grow.
We have been pretty busy here on the farm the days blend into one another it is an endless work but it is also very rewarding.

Today my middle son was called out to a fire this afternoon the fire season has started soon and it all seems to be Man started. Our wind has been crazy so people who are doing Spring cleaning and fire burning the wind picks up and off it goes.