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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Six above and pouring rain in the middle of January, we are having super crazy weather. My daughter had her daycare children out playing in their yard this morning and had all four seasons in an hour. And, here on the farm we have over an ankle-deep amount of water sitting on a foot of snow and it is sure making it icy. The good thing about this mild weather is I am not fighting with ice in the water troughs and the animals can enjoy their time with drinking the water.

Our son is setting up the wildlife camera today we are hoping to see if we can find the reason to what is setting the dogs up. There has been a lot of sightings of cougars, lynx and bobcats in our area. Every time the dogs go crazy at night my stomach drops and I just pray it’s not a wild cat after the sheep. Poor sheep are really, just sitting ducks out there.

My new project is wool felting a rug made with one hundred percent sheep’s wool. I started with wet felting and now have moved onto needle felting. I am using an unbelievable amount of woo land it is a thick squishy mass of wool right now. I love to use fibre of the animals it is such pure, honest way to make items. The animals love to hand over the fibre, they feel lighter and way better and for me to use fibre from an animal that was created for that purpose is a perfect full circle. Win ~ win.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It's raining outside over a good lot of snow which makes ice.

Crazy weather I tell you ~
I read BC mountains are to see the most snow of the entire planet. I wonder if it will happen?

I mentioned our new adventure 

Well it is not so new as we have always had sheep and goats but now we will get serious.
Last night I had contacted a lady that I know she has Texel sheep.
 I have acquired some information from her and we will see how lambing goes and I hope to purchase a few Ewes in the Spring. Last night I googled Texel sheep, checked them out. I was enjoying learning more about them when suddenly, the computer decided to shut down right during it all. 

My other source of sheep is going to come from my neighbor across the river she breeds with fibre in mind first then meat. I am quite excited to purchase from her stock as I have always admired her farming, fibre ethnics.

So, we hope to raise twenty-four ewes plus two rams. 
We are in setting money aside mode for the sheep we have a few months to have it arranged. I have family on board for this venture (mainly my husband) usually he doesn't know what I am doing on the farm but since I will need his driving ability, his money and his blessing... I mentioned it to him.

We want to farm but still be able to do somethings take a day to go away or go over night to visit with our children plus we still have a lovely mortgage for a bit. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we have it figured out in the next three years so when the bulk of bills is under control (we) my husband can take it a little slower, less crazy hours.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Up and down

Up and down

All kinds of weather!

Our winter has been so weird one minute it is so cold, it like living in a deep freeze. Then we warm up.
Then it snows and then it rains
All I know though all of this we have burned a whole bunch of wood.
Wood is our main source of heat so if we don’t feed the fire we freeze. This keeps us pretty tied to home all winter long someone must be here pretty much 24 -7. Our days seriously consist of feeding the woodstove, to filling the wood box and admiring how nice it looks only to keep burning it and doing all over again. Every weekend is used up by splitting firewood or hauling more home.
There is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut wood the deep pitch smell or the fragrance of a freshly tossed log on the fire.

Our wood stove only gives us tops two and half hours and that is if we are lucky. On cold nights we set the alarm every two hours to make sure we don’t get too cozy under all those blankets.
The whole farm is hooked up on one system underground so if we freeze … the whole farm can too.
This makes for a long winter since the beginning of November I have carry water from the middle of the property to all places it is needed this is to ensure no pipes are freezing from half use.
A steady mild winter would be nice, nothing more than -10 would be ideal.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

I can’t even imagine where I have been.

 Life has been so busy, so busy just doing life stuff. I was going to delete this blog but I couldn’t do it.

 I remember writing it in the mornings before I took the kids to the school bus or trying to write something with six different stories being told. I mainly wrote it for my one sister she loved to keep up with what we were doing, reading stories or catching little bits about the kids activities. 

There is spelling mistakes, grammar errors, no sense sentences, loss of train of thought …
 welcome to my life.
 It is one big amazing jumble

I will try to keep up

Honestly the reason why I fell so far behind, so deep

I put a lavender garden in, we made it to over thirteen hundred plants ~ lavender farming is a time sucking, wonderful adventure with absolutely no life and no time for anything else. It is full speed ahead and the only peace, is in the dead of winter. Time will tell how this ventures out.
We are off to start new adventures here on the farm for 2018. Adventures I need to be able to pull off by myself as the children have all grown up and working. And, my poor husband is still taking the lead with horrible hours. I am excited, it will be fun, it will be challenging, I will get creative and make choices.

It will begin with fibre and woolly animals.
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Well Hey this is a test.

 Holy Moly it has been a long time a lot of living has gone on ~ time is crazy
I will just post this and see if it works or not. 
If anyone see's or receives this let me know.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If anyone would have interest in a monthly news letter from the farm.
Lavender, farm animals and farm life in general.
I have so many fun, Inspiration, general craziness stories to share.

Message me your email. or email me

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

As usual time is flying by here on the farm.
Time is going so fast I can't keep up.
Our last child graduated so we are all done.
How cool is that.
We are super proud of all our kids.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

We have been busy around the farm it has been birthday mode. We now have a little break then a new girl will be joining our family. Very excited about that.
This little boy is so full of love

Here we are at the Spring market it was a intense time getting ready but we did it.

 This beautiful boy

 This beautiful boy graduates next month this is our youngest. I am so glad the school years are behind me all I need is the last diploma of six and we will hang this picture with the rest.