Monday, March 05, 2018

Buying yarn

Anyone who loves yarn, fibre and fibre animals knows it is not a cheap hobby. 
We love creating, we never have enough yarn, we never have the right weight, the right colour and OH look that’s new!!
My husband is wonderful he will drive me anywhere to buy yarn or to just look at yarn. He doesn’t ask again or why. He either drops me off or waits out in the truck. A lot of times he will use this time to catch up on his sleep. One time I was so stressed out while our daughter was having surgery and we were told to come back much later, I didn’t want to leave the hospital. Off we went to find some food and coffee and all I wanted to do was head back to the hospital in case she needed us. My husband said I’ll take you to that yarn store you like and you can look around.
 Well it was nice and eighty dollars later…

The nice thing about the closes shop which is an hour and half away is it has boy’s stores, fixing stores, truck store all around it. BONUS!!!

 And, I never invite him into the store.

A few weeks ago, the yarn store was having a thirty percent sale. Ahh I messaged him at work it was a Friday and it was thirty percent off!! Well hell doesn’t happen often. He came off work early we met at our daughters and off we went to find a thirty percent sale.
 Sale was a success.
 He headed straight home right after the yarn store.

As we were heading home he said “so how much did you spend”
 Ahh what the hell where did that come from… I answered over a hundred…
 no answer…. 
He then said “so just like buying a sheep hey” :0

Which bring us to the sheep ~ a very small bundle sometimes 3-4 skeins can add up to the price of a  sheep.
 Can you just imagine the amount of yarn I am going to have 😊

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Welcome to March

This afternoon I finally found some Inspiration to work in the lavender house. I wasn’t too sure if the inspiration was ever going to come back ~ still not sure. There is a lot of work and I do not know how to tell if the squirrels have gone. The best thing I could decide was to start cleaning, clean shelves and throwing out products. It is so hard to do, so heart breaking all the mess. It is truly amazing the devastation the squirrels can do.
I can see the ground again in the garden and it is full of pine needles. I am truly hoping I feel like working on it. You guys I really thinking I am grasping at straws the Inspiration of the garden is going. If you go to face book and type in Petit Creek Lavender, you can go to my page and see all the pictures.
 The gardens are very beautiful.
 I need this Inspiration to hit fast really, really fast.

Enough garden dramatics

We have baby lambs bouncing around the farm.
 They are super cute!
We have very cute miniature goats. This is new for us.  Many years ago, we had some cross-miniature goats but this time we have true little ones. On Saturday I am meeting some people for our little buck (who is a bottle baby). That will give us two females, one buck, three weathers and we are waiting on another female.

Our new sheep are so tame they are super friendly. It is actually hard to get any work done out in the barn yard as they are completely under our feet and want to be pet.

Friday, February 23, 2018

-19 makes for a cold night in the barn.
 I was so cold, and I knew once my feet all of sudden felt warm or so numb and that I couldn’t feel them anymore it was time to get into the house and warm up.

 Man, way to cold for lambs.

At Midnight I was cutting up sweatpants trying to make little lamb coats then I used binder twine to tie up around their waste.
 It worked.

For next year we must plan for later in the season it is just to cold and worry for February. With all the new sheep this year it will be just messy. With last nights lambing we now have a lull until the next session. Since the sheep were not bred here I just have to keep watch to see how things are getting along.

I can not believe it is nearly the end of February. 
It truly has flown by.

Our daughter is starting to heal up now from her surgery, it sure took a lot out of her. It was unnerving an emergency ambulance ride for bleeding and a found blood clot. Once they dealt with the clot she started to heal better. It is hard to watch someone go through something and really not be able to help them other than to be there.

Really other than keeping the fire going, lambing and feeding not a whole lot is new. Spring is inching closer each day and I am for sure loving the longer days.
I hope each of you are doing well. I hope you are handling the ice, cold and snow. Enjoy the calmer days before the Spring cleaning begins because we all know what is under that snow and ice ~ mess and pine needles just waiting for us.

I still do not have the new computer well I have a whole new one now. Unfortunately, they only gave me half of it this time. I have been waiting the whole week for them to UPS it to me.
Umm ~ Kamloops isn’t very far away. I am sure I could have walked there quicker.
 It is seriously the longest most annoying deal I have had to deal with in a long time.

So, with that if you want to see pictures go to the 

FB page A day in the life at Sunflower farm
 If you want to see beautiful garden pictures of the farm go to the
 FB page Petit Creek Lavender 
 Instagram @sunflowr

Sunday, February 18, 2018



Juliana Pig

Pink Pig black spots

Last weekend when we went to pick up our sheep from the from the farm and I was given a pig. He was a pig the farmer had sold but ended up finding his way back to her in October 2017. The farmer was hesitant to find him a new home and then she offered him to me.
I was with my husband who really is not a farmer, so I was not sure how a pig added to the sheep and goats was going to go over. I also new we needed to be able to unload him at home without a commotion. We ended putting him in a large dog cage wrapping the cage in plastic to help with the cold. The lambs and miniature goats went into a separate compartment in the trailer and the sheep in the other end.

I was going to name the new pig Valentino and give him to my husband for Valentines but that did not go over to well. I got a nice No thank you 😊

 So, his name is Bruce.

 Oh, my goodness you guys you must see this pig he is so sweet, so cute, so happy and I am totally head over heals in love with this little guy.

 He is having trouble fitting in I have three of these type of pigs
 ~ Luna ~ bumble bee~ Bruce~

Bruce wants to be pet, cuddled and love.
 Bruce wants to eat.
Bruce want to make up his bed all the time. When I take new hay into the pen he grabs a mouthful and runs behind me as fast as his little legs can go.

He seriously is full of love.

Everyone should have a Bruce

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Holy Moly it has been busy. Time sure has a way of getting on.

We did go on our road trip to pick up our sheep and goats.
 We left home at nine am had a stop in town, fueled up and then our truck smelled hot. Allan could not figure it out all tires were cool on both truck and trailer. This made us stop four times until it settled. Once we got started again it was good until the trailer hit a patch of ice well that was scary. I hate having to pull a trailer in the winter.
After our bit of a commotion to start with the day went smooth and highways are always better when we get away from the Merritt area. It was a sunny, crisp, clear day.
 We always stop at Tim Hortens for coffee which makes for a fun trip.

We had a lovely visit at the farm and it was nice to meet in person. We had only been FB friends I had met her husband a time or two when he delivered me very cute animals in his big highway rig. The thought of little pigs cruising down the highway in his truck always made me smile.
When we arrived home the boys helped us unload it was really smooth unloading. 
The animals are all very tame and seem to have settle in quite nicely 

The pig is a Julianna he was so not in the plan, but I am pretty sure he is the best part.
 He is so lovable ~ oh my goodness you seriously just want to kiss him. Who knew my pigs were going to be pissy? I had to stand in the pen and watch Bruce (new guy) eat so Luna and Bumble bee would let him eat.
Since last night we have had three new lambs and that brings up the sheep count to thirty-two.

 I have not been writing the blog as I am having computer issues ~ new computer is still not working right.
 Ahh I am so over it. 
It is going back to Kamloops again tomorrow and this computer is unpredictable that was the reason for the new computer.

I do not have any new pictures to put on the blog but if you go to the Sunflower farm FB page you can see pictures there. 

Friday, February 09, 2018

Yesterday I started raking pine needles in the garden in the parts where there is no ice or snow. I have seen way worse pine needles over the years but man oh man is there a lot of cleaning to be done. We are in the craziest weather pattern we go from six above to minus six to rain then onto a full-blown snowstorm. Then it finds sunshine.
 Now we are down to minus ten this morning.

On Saturday we are heading out to get our first load of sheep so here’s to fingers crossed for good traveling with a trailer. I wish I could wave a magic wand and they were delivered here. It is so hard for us to plan and organize a trip with Allan’s work schedule and I just can’t pull off driving a truck and trailer.

 Winter just adds on hard work.

If all goes as planned we will be picking up fourteen ewes, five lambs, one bottle ram, one Nigerian doe and kid, and four quail. There are eleven ewes still to lamb between the end of February through to May. I hope they wait until it warms up.

Monday, February 05, 2018

This will be one crazy week. 

It started yesterday with the new computer finally back home again we set it up and it was a no go :( 
The main program would not work ahh it was so frustrating who has time for this. So, I phoned the store where we bought and after talking with them I set up online to talk to a support group. Well from three in the afternoon until nine pm I was on the computer ~ seriously damn I need a support group now ~ I had to sit right here and deal with it.

 Oh, my was I over it
 However, it is working right now so fingers crossed it is all worked out.

Tomorrow we must go with our daughter to have her tonsils out. I sure hope it goes smooth and is no big deal for her. We have to stay with her for twenty-four hours and no more than twenty minutes from the hospital. Then we will have her with us at home for a few days until she feels good.
 I’m so not good with this stuff, I am making Allan come with for morale support.
We will leave Dalton in charge with the chores and fire so hopefully it won’t be too cold.
Then this same week my Dad starts a new treatment
 ~ so Hell Yah for stress around the farm.

The Alpaca is now separated, and he is okay with it. I do hope he settles and just wants to hang out with the rest of the animals. It would make it much nicer around here.
Well I will be off to pack an over night bag and get things organized.

 I hope you have a great week