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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

How the heck did we get to September?
Unreal September I guess we have been so busy living the year has flown by if I think too hard about it makes me sad.
This month is the start of our last child in school and our last child in minor hockey. I can honestly  say I am a little excited about that. We have had so many years of hockey juggling the time trying to figure out how to pay for it worrying about the gas every weekend.
Yup I am so over it.
 It has been great for the kids awesome memories, a love of a sport, made great friends, learned respect, team work, kept them on the right side, made them all good people. 
And, school
The driving to the bus twice a day, always watching the clock, home work, fitting in at school. The making sure we have enough lunch snacks for six kids and my husband every night. Feeling bad because we could not buy the lunch program all the time. The tracks meets making sure we have encouraged just enough and not push them and to have fun. Wondering how we will buy lunch at the track meet so the kids can have some treats.
The new school clothes usually the only time they got new clothes so it was exciting for them.
Running shoes ~ always had to have running shoes.
There is more so much more
We did it, they did it, my Mom and Dad did it, the kids had good school years.
They succeeded , made it through and achieved.
So the last one on his way to reach his goal of the dogwood diploma.
Here is to a good school year and a fun hockey season.

Monday, August 17, 2015

 New little friends on the farm two sweet little Pink pigs. They are adjusting well and seem quite happy

 A splash of yellow little baby ducklings. This is the first time we have ever had Muscovy ducklings. They really are cute

 So much fun to watch them swim they know how to do it dive bombing, dipping.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Our farm is busy, hot and tired. It has been a hot dry six months out here. The animals are fine doing well the new goats are finally putting on some weight. The goats still keep us on our toes and lily the ring leader is always one step away from trouble and she is a perfect role model in teaching the rest of the herd.
It is a wonderful day here on the farm my sister and her husband are up for a visit and our Grandson is visiting.
 And, we are heading into a long weekend may you all have fun and stay safe

The last several nights our dogs have been barking like crazy I was thinking it was bears. This morning early I could hear very close coyotes this seems to be between our neighbors and us ~ now I will have to go count lambs and kids. Hard to sleep when you worry all night.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Summer time is a busy time
 This little guy was in soccer and this was his last day.

 Trying to fit little projects into the farm workload. This was turned into a pillow for my daughter for her birthday

 Our youngest daughter and I moving hay. It was hot but with the help of my youngest son and everyone's truck we moved it pretty fast

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Good Projects here on the farm in the evening when all the days work is done I do a little crocheting it really is addicting to see the colours work, to see the end result.

The kids all had projects here they are getting the tires ready to paint. This is our youngest son's truck he just got his license a few weeks ago. In the picture you can see our fire fighter returned from Alberta so many forest fires already this season.

Here is a cute boy he is growing up so much. He is showing me the lovely flowers in his back yard. Yesterday I spent the day with him at the farm he is so happy and a little tractor crazy.
On a farm note Miss Molly the cow is milking great she has learned to go into her stall and she is crazy for her grain. She is still really not  relaxed she eats at a fast pace, walks at fast pace and even licks her calf at a fast pace.

Friday, June 12, 2015

A golden sky last night due to the smoke of a forest fire. It can be devastation in one area that makes beauty in another area. All afternoon the sky casted a golden finish to everything. This morning the it was raining quite heavy which we needed after all the intense heat we had.

 Her is Miss Molly loving her baby little nelly she is such a sweet little girl but has a spunky attitude. Molly seems to have settled down and is much more enjoyable to have around.
Our farm is in full throttle busy we have young chickens growing out, we have nine baby ducklings, we have baby bunnies, the young goats are growing nicely. We dewormed the goat herd two weeks ago so I hope that will help them perk up I had bought a herd of goats this winter and they were not the healthiest bunch and I am trying like crazy to get them to fatten up. They have green grass, browsing to do, hay in the feeder, minerals, salt and fresh water but now it is up to them.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Milking Miss Molly freshened May 28 2015 we are not both quite good at milking it took a bit for her to settle down and for me to get brave to sit under her but we did it. She is calm as long as no one goes near her calf. In the picture above is the butter I made. I named her calf Nelly I could not find a name that fit her but this seems to.
This afternoon a forest fire broke out near Lytton so it is quite smoky and everything has a golden glow it is kind of hard on the eyes.

 This little guy is Wookie he is quite the character and is totally lonesome for Hyacinth. Hyacinth started a new job this week and this poor puppy is quite lost without her.
We are still waiting on lambs still none. It has been a messed up year for lambing and kidding a dragged out season. I hope next year will be better.