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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sheep are moved, sheep feeder fixed, sheep waterier carried over. Goats removed, goats running loose, goats still keeping us on our toes. Last auction run of the year, chores cut down.  Thoughts of Miss Molly the milk cow to come home.
The gardens are tired, the ornaments are put away and the flowers and being cut down.
Winter is near it is so hard to believe how fast the year is going.
Sam is into hockey now his home tournament is done and we are moving along with every weekend games. His schooling is also moving along already approaching his first part of is Graduation transition  being due.
Miss Molly will be coming home soon.

This little guy was neutered yesterday. We were told he needs obedience school. They muzzled him, tranquilized  him as soon as we got him n the door. poor guy he was scared.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 Fall is the air it is chilly and hot all at the same time. Since the garden season has slowed down I am making great headway in my poor neglected house. Slowly getting it cleaned, swamped out, small little projects. We live hard in our house all summer as I spend 99% of the time outside farming and gardening.
 We have had a busy September/October birthday dinners, quick trips to visit our son, hockey, thanksgiving.
I have painted the kids bathroom I didn't pick the colour the girls did I said just get paint you both like. I just wanted to clean and make it simple.
Fall wonderful colours. So pretty we are getting some great rain and man oh man did we need it. So I hope it is filling the rivers, the well restoring all the water areas.

I am already thinking of Christmas it is such a happy, fun time of year. I have my fingers crossed all my children can come home I know it is harder and harder each year as they are all working and having there own lives.
I am off to be inspired yesterday and today I am tackling my closet this is not an undertaking for the light of heart. I always make a mess to make progress.
Then next up the two linen closets oh wish me luck we have to have so many extra blankets for winter as it is so cold in our house but we suffer all summer with no where to put them. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to these jobs being done.

Friday, October 02, 2015

October how did the time go so fast.

We are already a month into school so crazy, hockey has started woohoo last year of minor hockey!! Will I miss it not a chance.
It is time to get our fire wood we have brought three loads so far it is a good start but we need more. It is kind of fun getting the wood.
We have separated the lambs and they will be sold off in the next few weeks this will be our last auction for this year. We still have over two hundred bales of hay to bring in so we had better hurry it sure is dragging out this year.
In August I started working for the local gym here in town it is the first time I have a out of home working paying job. It took awhile to get the hang of it and I still feel like I am learning. I am home all day and work evenings it is nice to have extra money for bills. I however do not see Allan all week and it definitely cuts into my work, creative and gardening time here at home.

 The gardens are coming to an end it is time to put all ornaments away we have already rolled hoses. We can't winterize too much as we need everything all the time.

 This fall I am saving seeds so I can spread them all over the gardens it will look nice and save money by not having to buy too many new plants.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

How the heck did we get to September?
Unreal September I guess we have been so busy living the year has flown by if I think too hard about it makes me sad.
This month is the start of our last child in school and our last child in minor hockey. I can honestly  say I am a little excited about that. We have had so many years of hockey juggling the time trying to figure out how to pay for it worrying about the gas every weekend.
Yup I am so over it.
 It has been great for the kids awesome memories, a love of a sport, made great friends, learned respect, team work, kept them on the right side, made them all good people. 
And, school
The driving to the bus twice a day, always watching the clock, home work, fitting in at school. The making sure we have enough lunch snacks for six kids and my husband every night. Feeling bad because we could not buy the lunch program all the time. The tracks meets making sure we have encouraged just enough and not push them and to have fun. Wondering how we will buy lunch at the track meet so the kids can have some treats.
The new school clothes usually the only time they got new clothes so it was exciting for them.
Running shoes ~ always had to have running shoes.
There is more so much more
We did it, they did it, my Mom and Dad did it, the kids had good school years.
They succeeded , made it through and achieved.
So the last one on his way to reach his goal of the dogwood diploma.
Here is to a good school year and a fun hockey season.

Monday, August 17, 2015

 New little friends on the farm two sweet little Pink pigs. They are adjusting well and seem quite happy

 A splash of yellow little baby ducklings. This is the first time we have ever had Muscovy ducklings. They really are cute

 So much fun to watch them swim they know how to do it dive bombing, dipping.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Our farm is busy, hot and tired. It has been a hot dry six months out here. The animals are fine doing well the new goats are finally putting on some weight. The goats still keep us on our toes and lily the ring leader is always one step away from trouble and she is a perfect role model in teaching the rest of the herd.
It is a wonderful day here on the farm my sister and her husband are up for a visit and our Grandson is visiting.
 And, we are heading into a long weekend may you all have fun and stay safe

The last several nights our dogs have been barking like crazy I was thinking it was bears. This morning early I could hear very close coyotes this seems to be between our neighbors and us ~ now I will have to go count lambs and kids. Hard to sleep when you worry all night.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Summer time is a busy time
 This little guy was in soccer and this was his last day.

 Trying to fit little projects into the farm workload. This was turned into a pillow for my daughter for her birthday

 Our youngest daughter and I moving hay. It was hot but with the help of my youngest son and everyone's truck we moved it pretty fast