Friday, October 31, 2008

Looking rather pleased with herself

Here is Miss Hyacinth looking quite pleased. She loves pancakes and has been asking for them for supper for quite awhile. So she went ahead and made them herself we had chicken burgers. Look how she made them go in order of size.
Today was a busy day. We organized the house my one daughter made Apple Crisp she is very good at it. I decide to move my craft room I know I am a bugger for punishment. I am putting all my scrap booking, card making, rubber stamps etc in my glass room. It is such a beautiful room I am hoping it inspires me I will leave my sewing machine and material in the room I was using before. This way I can leave the machine up and at the same time if I decide to work on art I can go right to it.
I am waiting for Sam it is nearly ten o clock and he is still with his friends they are watching fireworks. He was so excited. All my kids are scattered the only one home is my oldest. My niece is in town and so is my friend so I do hope I get time to visit both of them. Well I must go and clean up my desk now however I am not too sure why I should. I read somewhere a messy desk is sign of genius!
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Carving pumpkins my two youngest son's carved pumpkins with Nan and Jeremy.
Look at this poor little pumpkin
Not really a nice picture is it Poor little guy...
Today was busy with running around which included two school dances, dentist, 1 hockey practice, 1 hockey game, broke down car and planning. Planning on changing my craft room. I will let you know when I figure out my plan. Today our family did five trips to town not including what our logging truck did today and I hate to think about the boy in Campbell River. On a bright note I think fuel has gone a bit! Well must run talk to you all soon.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look at this poor little marshmallow crying don't eat me Sam... don't eat me... Sam has decided he needs hot chocolate in the morning or this morning he goes I think I'll have a cup of earl gray. I do think the ghost marshmallows before 7am are winning.
These are candy bags for my kids they have been bothering them so bad. Every time they walk by them, the poor bags gets a shake
The schools won't allow you to send candies or cakes to school it can only be fruit or veges. So it did cross my mind to boycott the school but that is not fair to Sam so we walked around the grocery store trying to figure out what was cool. So we bought two boxes of Christmas oranges and drew pumpkin faces on them.
Tonight was Miss Hyacinth's first band concert they sounded very good. Then we had to wait for my other daughter from hockey practice. This afternoon while we waited for the kids to finish school we went for over an hour walk.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Very calming and peaceful
What fun foot prints are these.
What a beautiful stairway it looks like it should lead you to a secret garden. This morning my day started with chores and did some books, laundry then I had a nice lunch with my neighbors. We had carrot and ginger soup, borscht (not sure on that spelling) and pumpkin bread with ham and melted cheese. For desert we had chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate pudding. I then came home and went for a walk to the river. I had nice quick visit with my friend on the phone and she is going to come up for a visit on Sat. which will be really nice. Then it was off to hockey and then I got to go to card night with my oldest daughter. Actually I am not too sure why I go I absolutely accomplish nothing but I did have a good visit. Then home talked to my son listened to stories from all my kids. It was a nice day and I even accomplished things.
I have a good jump start on my Christmas shopping but of course I can reveal nothing in case my kids read this . I do need to sort and see who and what I have bought so I don't go over board!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful night pleasant dreams.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Miss Princess

Princess is doing such a good job raising all the pups. She loves Star just like she is her own.
Today my daughter and I unloaded a whole truck load of fire wood. It was awesome my dad had cut it for us so I brought it down yesterday. I don't think it will last us long though I burnt a lot of wood today. Then we did a major amount of laundry, went for a walk, tried to put stronger wire up to keep the bob cat and my dads dogs out of the chickens. Had puppy cuddles several times today.
Let me tell you about my very blond moment. We came in from outside we had been out for several hours with the firewood chores etc. I decided I needed a cup of tea as I had my coffee quota of three cups...I did mention intravenous coffee would be so much better.

So I grabbed the kettle filled it with water turned the stove onto high then grabbed the phone to check up on my husband as he leaves at 1:30 am and I like to check he is still on the right side of the road. And during all this I am baking cookies. So I notice the stove is very red hot I go to rearrange the kettle when it it hits me AHHHHHH it is an electric kettle. So I have hot plastic melting on my lovely black smooth top stove. Damn I grab the kettle turn off the stove thinking now what I then salvage my cookies. So my $80 plus kettle is in the garbage. I go to our wood stove grab my stove top kettle decide to clean it look all over for Vinegar but nope non left used it all to dye wool. So the other kettle is now cooking on top of my stove boiling away boiling... boiling...boiling... away. I wonder if I have left it long enough. It is so hot I grab a glove make my nice great big mug of tea. Meanwhile I am still dealing with cookies I shout to Nan that their is hot water to come have tea. Then OMG it hits me I was boiling bleach water and lots and lots of bleach!!!!and I had made tea. Then I had invited my daughter in for tea. Will I ever get it right! Finally after several hours of taking the scenic route for my tea it was the best tea I had ever had. So after I had nearly started a fire, nearly poisoned my daughter and I, I realized maybe multi tasking is not such a good idea. Tonights episode of making my tea went much smoother.
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Little Puppies

The eyes of all the puppies are now nearly open. Too cute for words their names are Sid, Puck, Paris, Candy, Lily, Star. Sid has the white paw in the top photo
They are starting to move around when I came out of the bath tonight and two puppies were on the floor out of their cage.
A tiny handful
Look at these two smart babies.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Having Fun

The girls were having fun, so much laughing went on this weekend!

The girls looking pretty to go to a hockey game. Do you think 20 some boys might have something to do with it.
This weekend was so busy we had extra work for my husband to do, lots of hockey and timekeeping. We did movies, power shopping, wood hauling. wood piling cleaning outside..... now we get to start our week all over again. Remember the good ole days when you could enjoy your coffee in the mornings putter around do a few things on the weekend no rushing no running hmmm. Such good memories.
Did I mention our Bob cat problem...Our puppies eyes are starting to open now. They look so cute however I will admit I don't think I am looking forward to all the mess they are going to make in the very near future.
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

This boy is out of hockey for six weeks so I am not sure what is happening! He went to another doctor this one deals with sports injuries. I am not too sure what it is but his shoulder is separating and they are taking more x-rays to see if it is fractured. He was going to talk to his coach and see what he should do.
Here we are having our Thanksgiving dinner we were trying out my daughters new camera and Jord set the camera and made us all fit in and try to make us all look the same way all at once. Try to act natural

Today we had hockey and timekeeping plus a quick trip to Kamloops. My youngest daughter and her friend went to see High school musical 3. They really enjoyed it. I must run talk to you all soon.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

A nice warm sleep

This very beautiful duvet is on my bed it was made from our sheep wool. I was going to go show the girls but I figured they would up their price and want more grain.
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These Pillows are made from our sheep wool they are so comfy. It totally amazes me to receive a finished product from one of my own animals.
Now check this out a woven Mohair blanket how cool is that. The blanket it is a lovely cream colour I will try to get better pictures maybe out side tomorrow
I look out at my girls then I look at this beautiful blanket and just can not believe it; it is so very, very, very cool!!!!!
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This was a write up in our town paper

In Super League action, the Penticton bantams won both ends of a Saturday doubleheader in Merritt, defeating City Furniture 7-5 before crushing Alpha Design 13-4 later in the day. Dalton Suzuki had two goals in the City team’s loss.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


The pictures are a little blurry but you will get the idea. Toys are sorted and put away.
Clean beds all made up. Clothes folded and put away vacuumed and all tidy
You think I lived with a bunch of cowboys.
Nice clean warm beds. I wonder how long this will last. My daughter bets it won't last three weeks all I can say it had better. It has taken me a week and a half I still have to now go outside and put all stuff we sorted and garbage away that alone is a full job.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is the mess we are in the middle of cleaning, sorting and painting.

Dalt trying to be so funny and I will tell there was not too much cleaning going on. He has decided he likes doing word search. He brought home his interim report card for Social Studies strategies with 88.3%. I hope he can keep that up.
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Miss Hyacinth's room is coming along we still will have to do the ceiling. However that is my husbands department so it may take awhile.
Now instead of seeing a huge mess that was my boys room you will look through and see this. She is going to use the mantle to decorate for the seasons or her collection of the moment. Is that not cool I lucked out and bought the little electric heater while it was on sale. I also have one in our family room. The baby pumpkins are so cute.

She loves the blue but her last colours were lime green and I did tell her I would not change the bedding she has a lovely duvet.
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