Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking for Spring

Here are some signs it is trying to be Spring but honestly it is awful,miserable cold.
Global warming ... well it has not hit here.

Tonight the sky is lovely lots of stars crystal clear and cold. I had to go to a PAC meeting tonight at my younger kids school and they had no heat it was just awful.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is what I learned to do over Easter weekend I am just going to go around and around in a big square. This picture does not do the yarn justice it is very pretty it a mixture of soy and wool.
This is the start of my quilt I so do not know what I am doing so I think it will be a slow process.
Today was a full day of property work I cleaned all day and it is so unappreciated all I hear is it is too smokey... instead of saying thanks. So no more cleaning I won't burn I just thought I would get it done before I go to England now I will just enjoy myself and pack my suitcase :)
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mercury getting love or is he trying to bite...
Run Like The Wind is checking out what's happening
Spring time jobs moving rocks
Not sure if I already posted this photo but this what we have been doing
Multi tasking all day raking, burning and I came to the conclusion I would make a horrible fire man... fire scares me. We milked goats, fed goats, looked for goats, did this routine all day over and over.
Tried to do a little sewing and little crocheting and a little house work. My husband and son should be home after mid night some time from Maple Ridge so I will try to stay up and make sure they get home safe.
I have tried since early afternoon to get my fire to light and it refuses to light so it will be a bit chilly tonight.
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Looking pretty with Mimzy
Very Bad Goats
Looking for grain
We are finished for awhile our last goat had this afternoon. We have one more for sure but not for a little while then I think Sat. We will get the herd in and check the rest that have not had at this point only have of the herd has been bred so we will have to wait and see.
The goat today was a huge as a cow she was so big my son and I could not flip her to check her and she only had one baby. The bonus to that is she is in good shape. Now the soul searching who do we keep and who do we cull I am so not good at this I think I should be able to keep all of them..
My husband thinks I should have only 1 - 10 he is absolutely no fun unfortunately my dad agrees HMM.... Men. With our babies right now we are at over 70 :)...:)....:0 that makes me smile I know way too many!!!! NOT
We went for a quick trip to Kamloops so the kids could go to Walmart I went to a sewing store. Now we have a hockey tournament in Maple Ridge however I won't go.
Tomorrow I will post a photo of my new crochet trick I am feeling quite pleased with myself.
Well guess what I am not setting the alarm tonight I do not have to get up 3-5 times I am sleeping in until 6 or 7 am. So have a wonderful night sleep good.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Two more today one boy and one girl . I was have way to Kamloops when my children called as soon as I turn my back something goes on. Today was very busy we had to deal with babies babies and more babies this morning it took forever to pair up the mom's and babies, bottle feed, milk, trim wool then we went to Kamloops to pick up my mom from the airport then we came home and out again and then out again at 9:30pm now I am ready for bed. I did a little crocheting on the way over to Kamloops and a little knitting at the airport. Well off to have a sleep talk to you all tomorrow.
Today is my niece 's birthday I hope you had a wonderful day I thought of you often. Love you lots

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My New Birds

They are a very lovely bunch the peacocks are only a year old.
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More babies we are at 30 born 26 alive. These goats are not the brightest bunch we are slowly nearing the end of this group. I am quite happy about that we are at 8 new boys in less than 3 days. Tonight we had them all muddled wrong babies with the wrong mom's CRAZY!
It has been so busy the days are flying by.
I have been crocheting a little I will take a picture tomorrow it is quite nice. I went to a friends house to make a card tonight it was a bit rushed because just as I we to leave another goat had twins, my younger son came home with a friend and wanted a sleep over he was suppose to go visit Grandma in town then two stupid very annoying tele marketing as I was trying to walk out the door Oh my gosh I HATE THEM they constantly harass us and as late at 9pm. I really hate CAPITOL ONE DO THEY NOT KNOW THE WORD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well off to bed Is till have sic kids up plus two friends and I am very tired.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sam's Cake

This cake tasted very good
Tonight it is already -3 will it ever warm up we just came in from getting the smaller goats in the barn. Goats are not the brightest lot! We have had 5 baby boys in 24 hours the ladies in waiting are getting less. Thank Goodness. It was a very busy Easter Weekend but a good one.
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My oldest son's neck from a high stick in hockey. His chin from someone who wanted to fight him. He was very sore today.
My husband and I trying to get our picture done for Easter it was too cold and my kids love to have their picture with us.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Looking for treats

He was so excited check out the shoes. All day he was asking how do other people have Easter does he come on Mon. or Sun. What was my Easter like when I was little. We actually thought Easter Bunny would have to come Monday but we manged it.
The Easter Bunny hid them all over
Eating Hard boiled eggs

It was so cold and miserable. We had to wait for the Easter Bunny until 5pm my husband left him a note so he would come by our house at the end of the day as two of our boys were in hockey tournaments. One came first and the other second and he and another boy won all star for the tournament.
No matter how old they are they still have fun and it is kinda nice to see the older ones pump up the younger ones. This holiday really fills my heart I love Easter and I don't usually like to share my kids with anyone but I am getting better. It is going to be quite hard for me when they all leave home but Ia m getting better every day with the growing up and learning to let go very little each day. As I write this it is snowing blowing really bad and my oldest son is driving home right now so you all may want to remind me I am getting better at letting them grow up...NOT!!!!!!!!
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Easter Sunday

Dyeing eggs
Look at the mess that ole Rabbit did in my yard

Here he hopped along our bridge
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Good Bye

This lovely girl died last night and I have no idea why. She was 9 years old on Valentines day we brought her home at 3 weeks old. She was a very good dog no real bad habits, good with the kids. Her only faults was she was terribly idol and would steal your food for instance when my husband would bend down to tie his shoe and put his cookies on his lunch kit at 2am wrong thing to do or she would steal his lunch again if he tied his shoes... She really seemed Happy she would lay on her back legs in the air and growl while she rolled out her back she truly believed when we put the gravel down it was just for her.
This picture was only a couple of days ago. Rest in piece baby and go find Poppy... I loved you very much
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Today was a good day weather wise a cool wind. We had hockey games, a very quick but lovely visit with my niece and her two kids, a quick trip to Kamloops. I was getting anxious to get home I was worrying about the Little brown goat. As soon as we drove in we went straight to the barn and she was just starting to push so went in the house changed our clothes. When we got back to the barn another goat had had a baby and the little brown goat had just a head no legs. I gently pulled on the head she is very small and and found a curled up leg pulled on both of those and got a lovely buck out. So two new buck this evening but it is so damn cold for them the wind chills them fast. So I will head out in about 1/2 hour to put them back with their mom and check the rest. I do hope the rest will hold off until tomorrow. Enjoy your night talk to you all soon.
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More dinner photo's

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Easter Dinner

My oldest daughter and her boy friend
Pretty Girls
Here we are enjoying our dinner with my husbands family.
We had a lot of fun dinner was good
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