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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hi it has been very busy around here since last night we have had 7 new babies we are at 17 so there has been very little sleep. I'm almost scared to go check them in case I have to stay out! we still a fair amount of ice it is going but it is quite wet in places tonight is the first night some of the babies are sleeping outside and only because I have run out of room in the barn if the moms would get along it would be fine but man some of them are mean.
In between dealing with goats I started on my front yard raking (not sure on that spelling) burning pruning trees, moving rocks scheming on how to get the snakes to hate my yard...maybe a flock of ducks... My husband has been dealing with the hockey as I am to busy to leave the property.
My son and his friend won 1st place with their project and the science fair Dirty Snow and both my son and daughter are going to regionals with their projects so we will see what is involved with that. Well off to finish my tea and try to restart the fire and then must head outside. Have a good night.

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