Sunday, March 02, 2008

First Babies

Today we had our first babies twins one buck and one doe. They were born just as I was leaving between 10-10:30am it was warm and sunny but it was short lived it got dreary gray and a cold wind. As soon as the wind came the babies went down hill got a chill. We had them in the barn but when I went to leave to pick up my daughter from time keeping another doe had a baby and this time the wind was quite cool but I had to go. So long story three babies under a heat light one with a wax orange strip so we know who is who two does and one buck. It has been a very long day so who knows what tonight will bring. I wouldn't think snow is too far off.
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Anonymous said...

They are a mucky little mess!
I like the goats peeking over the fence smiling:] at the camera