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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mercury getting love or is he trying to bite...
Run Like The Wind is checking out what's happening
Spring time jobs moving rocks
Not sure if I already posted this photo but this what we have been doing
Multi tasking all day raking, burning and I came to the conclusion I would make a horrible fire man... fire scares me. We milked goats, fed goats, looked for goats, did this routine all day over and over.
Tried to do a little sewing and little crocheting and a little house work. My husband and son should be home after mid night some time from Maple Ridge so I will try to stay up and make sure they get home safe.
I have tried since early afternoon to get my fire to light and it refuses to light so it will be a bit chilly tonight.
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CatHerder said...

I love the second pic...what a smile!