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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Today was a good day weather wise a cool wind. We had hockey games, a very quick but lovely visit with my niece and her two kids, a quick trip to Kamloops. I was getting anxious to get home I was worrying about the Little brown goat. As soon as we drove in we went straight to the barn and she was just starting to push so went in the house changed our clothes. When we got back to the barn another goat had had a baby and the little brown goat had just a head no legs. I gently pulled on the head she is very small and and found a curled up leg pulled on both of those and got a lovely buck out. So two new buck this evening but it is so damn cold for them the wind chills them fast. So I will head out in about 1/2 hour to put them back with their mom and check the rest. I do hope the rest will hold off until tomorrow. Enjoy your night talk to you all soon.

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