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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More babies we are at 30 born 26 alive. These goats are not the brightest bunch we are slowly nearing the end of this group. I am quite happy about that we are at 8 new boys in less than 3 days. Tonight we had them all muddled wrong babies with the wrong mom's CRAZY!
It has been so busy the days are flying by.
I have been crocheting a little I will take a picture tomorrow it is quite nice. I went to a friends house to make a card tonight it was a bit rushed because just as I we to leave another goat had twins, my younger son came home with a friend and wanted a sleep over he was suppose to go visit Grandma in town then two stupid very annoying tele marketing as I was trying to walk out the door Oh my gosh I HATE THEM they constantly harass us and as late at 9pm. I really hate CAPITOL ONE DO THEY NOT KNOW THE WORD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well off to bed Is till have sic kids up plus two friends and I am very tired.

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