Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just a quick note to touch base it is after 11pm and I am very tired. I just came in from outside I was just nicely in the shower when my oldest son called me that he thought there was a baby being born. and I had such HIGH hopes on going to bed but nothing when I was outside. I am keeping my eye on a couple of girls one has been rolling around like a huge walrus so I do hope they hold off till the morning.
When my mom goes away she always leaves me a cheque in case of an emergency... now how does one define emergency... I was wondering if a beautiful white male peacock is considered an emergency... just joking mom. I did see a lovely peacock today he was so beautiful very majestic, with a grand tail and three lovely little feather in the middle of his head.
I did however get Oliver three girlfriends today Oliver is our big fat brown Muscovy duck he is so happy he is flapping his wings, bathing and just plain showing off. I know he is very Happy! I will post pictures tomorrow if there is time. Well off to bed it is calling me.

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