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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ladies in waiting. These girls are waiting so nicely to have their babies.

This is my helper he is such a good help. He sleeps under the heat lamp as soon as we move a baby he knocks off all our paper work, tips the bottles.
This girl is who we steal milk from.

This little girl is our only Cashmere she is also going to have a baby we are a little worried about it, she must have got bred when the bucks knocked down the fence. We had a little bit of trouble yesterday we had a goat walking on our milk stand she then went onto a bench got her foot caught tried to jump off fell down but her foot stayed in the stand and we heard a terrible crack ( I thought it was the bench breaking) She broke her leg poor girl she is a nice big girl. I went and got my oldest son and we made a splint out of two pieces of wood and hockey tape. She is up today but she is not putting weight on her leg. It never seems to quit here always one thing after another.
Tonight while I was at a a school meeting my oldest daughter had to help pull a big buck the mom was a first time mom and had a leg back. It is great how my daughter is figuring it all out.
It's funny I go to these meetings and I look at the other parents and wonder is their life as crazy as ours, are they going on no sleep, are they juggling their time, no supper, some meeting or kid related event every night....
Tomorrow we have to figure out how we are going have my oldest daughter drive to work then meet her friends for dinner and yes it is a big deal she really never has done this before or met her friends since school has been out, my oldest son drive because someone decide the Midget rep has to set up chairs for the hockey awards, I need to drive to get my youngest son to hockey , pick up my daughter from soccer, get my kids to the hockey awards, two of them are getting awards, figure out how to get them supper and have no one home to watch the goats ... will it ever slow down....
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