Thursday, October 27, 2011

The picture was taken last Saturday of the Sun.
We are freezing every night, the wind is cool, yet we are still getting breaks of beautiful sunshine.
I worry I will wake up to that white stuff.
 As much as I think snow is beautiful, it is the driving.
 I worry sick about my husband on the highway twenty four - seven.
 I worry about my daughters driving.
I worry about my daughter having to have a baby and  they do not deliver babies in this town.
I worry about my son in Tumbler Ridge working in a mine.
 I worry about my son's girlfriend in Tumbler Ridge working in a mine.
 And, why because of snow and winter driving.
As soon as the first cold spell hits us, I am out making the rink. Last year was awesome we had the ice rink from November until the end of February.
I hope you all have pleasant dreams and I hope you do not wake up to the white stuff.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Enjoying the Seasons


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Each night we seem to be getting a bit chillier. The days seem to be quite nice though. Yesterday the boys moved the sheep this should be their last move now for winter.
 This move worries me. This is the side of the property where I heard horrible, sneaky coyotes trying to lure our dogs out then gun shots...
I don't sleep as well when the sheep are not  locked up in the front pen.
I will move the Ram out near the end of February.
I also have to decide on the goats.
 This particular herd of goats are very, very bad and really they should be sold...
They can not behave for two minutes.
Well I am off to move piles and piles of pine needles. Enjoy your day

Every night it seems to be getting a bit cooler
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Morning
Our dogs are barking pretty good this early morning and it is not even breaking day. I imagine it is the bears heading to the river looking for breakfast. Or, those sneaky coyotes. Both are fine as long as the keep on going straight past our property and don't eye up my sheep.
We seem to be pretty busy here. My husband is out working. I have full hockey duty. My boys will be pawned off for the weekend for their tournaments.
I need to finish up some projects. I have a Christmas fair I have committed to and I just have not had time to deal with things. I guess I will have to pull some long late nights. Ahh I hate those. I get so tired.
Everything on the farm seems to be okay, coasting along. The Ram is in full force with his girls. The billy goat is his usual BAD self. He is running with the girls, climbing trees, having full fledged fights with the bull and stinks to High Heavens...
The rabbits are good digging, digging, digging...everyday I have to fill those holes.
I hope you have a wonderful day
Again we raid war on the MICE!

Good Morning
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

An amazing, beautiful day. It was so pretty out.
This week was busy and again it flew by. Other than the usual not too much is new.
We froze the last few nights.
The mice are still hanging around even though we are raiding war on them. I am not sure who is winning yet. I think the mice might be but we are sure making their life miserable.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner
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A complete circle.
 The other day I was called an artist.
 It made me smile I have never considered myself as one.
 I like it.
 Finally I am something...
Today is our turkey day. I am so not good at stuffing those things. They soooo make my stomach turn. And, not one helper everyone cleared the kitchen... Oh well it is done.
I know I am not a very good farmer. I can raise the animal and I can sell them just don't make me kill them. I do not have a problem with  farming for your food but I can not do the deed.
It will be nice to sit around the table tonight with my family knowing they are fed and looked after.

A Happy Thanksgiving for us
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Sunday, October 09, 2011

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Thanks Giving Sunday.
 I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. We have a full hockey weekend. I have to admit I have lucked out and have not had to go too much. Today I stayed home and I accomplished so much just general cleaning.
I baked Lavender brownies.
 I worked on my book and other project.
I just moved my little canary he is sick. I am not sure if he will make it.
He looks so fragile it is really quite sad.
 He is a really friendly little guy. So cross your finger and send some good vibes to him.

We moved the sheep this weekend and I will put the Ram out in the next few days. The goats are out running with the buck. I wish they would just go quietly and eat the new young razor grass that is growing so nicely from the rain. No they are bellering on top  of their lungs wanting hay... Ungrateful lot!
Take care enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

A wonderful weekend.

What amazing, wonderful things will you be doing this weekend.
Visiting family, road trips, enjoying quiet time at home or harvesting the last of your gardens.

Please do not ask where I will be... just one guess.... it is bloody cold...
I will not snivel our weekend away but again I am stuck inside an arena.
 I will fit in time to make good memories with my family. I will add a few I wish I was doing this to it. But all in all it is good
My Mom comes home from Maui today my Dad is on route to pick her up right now.
Doing chores at day break was amazing this morning. The air was crisp as it froze again last night and the sky was most beautiful. Such incredible colours this time of year. The fog was gently laying in the valley and on the mountain tops making it look so magical.
 I am so thankful for this incredible beauty.
Take time to enjoy our beautiful countries no matter where you live, take a photo write in a journal.
Happy Thanks Giving.

Happy Thanks-Giving
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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

We have been having a bit of rain. It is funny how the goats hate getting wet.
Today we put the girls in with the buck. All the girls are in except two older girls and the three kids. One of our older does may be bred so I kept her out. The other is really thin so she is getting special treatment.
Within the next week I will turn the ram out with the ewes. I would like the goats to be bred first so they kid out before the sheep. That way if we need milk we will have it.

A little help with our fire wood
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Sunday, October 02, 2011

A wonderful good Sunday morning to you!
An early morning hockey game this am. Then Sam has to sort those damn pop bottles again, I believe he may have nightmares about them.
For us we really must work on our fire wood. We should have done it. We have already had a few fires.
We burn lots and I mean lots of wood. Wood heat is our only source of heat so we really have to be on the ball.
Ahh I can picture us in three feet of snow out dealing with wood... we must get it done...soon

I wish you could see our calender every day but one in the Month of October and every day but one in November is booked with hockey sometimes double or triple on a particular day.
 I personally don't get it?
Why so much.
 It is like people hate being home.
Very sad how you watch people running, checking watches one thing to the next.
 I wonder what the quality of their home life is.
 I know ours sucks every winter.
I wonder when it is all over will I be sad I let it over run our lives or will I think what an accomplishment?

Then I wonder do our kids have time to play not have to do homework, not have to do their sport, just PLAY!
Then their is the financial drain...over eight hundred dollars extra in the last week.
NO use complaining.
 No, no complaining as I am knee deep wading, keeping my head above the water so I do not drown.
We always figure it out.
We may slide in with our hair flying back but it always has a way of working.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday today. No matter how you are dealing with it fast and furious or relaxing and calm. Have a good day.

Take time to see the beauty even in the weeds
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