Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Morning
Our dogs are barking pretty good this early morning and it is not even breaking day. I imagine it is the bears heading to the river looking for breakfast. Or, those sneaky coyotes. Both are fine as long as the keep on going straight past our property and don't eye up my sheep.
We seem to be pretty busy here. My husband is out working. I have full hockey duty. My boys will be pawned off for the weekend for their tournaments.
I need to finish up some projects. I have a Christmas fair I have committed to and I just have not had time to deal with things. I guess I will have to pull some long late nights. Ahh I hate those. I get so tired.
Everything on the farm seems to be okay, coasting along. The Ram is in full force with his girls. The billy goat is his usual BAD self. He is running with the girls, climbing trees, having full fledged fights with the bull and stinks to High Heavens...
The rabbits are good digging, digging, digging...everyday I have to fill those holes.
I hope you have a wonderful day
Again we raid war on the MICE!

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Tombstone Livestock said...

I feel for you in the war on mice. I have sticky traps all over the house. Yesterday I went to town, there was a mouse in the trap and thought I would deal with it when I got back home ...........
well there were 5 more that had decided to join the trap, plus there were 2 more traps that each had one mouse. Replaced two of the traps and today I have 4 more mice in 3 different traps. I have put spray foam in some of the holes where I know they get in, but in a 100 year old house they still get in. Also there is a free standing wood stove in front of the fireplace and the cover does not seal the opening, I think some come in that way. I guess they don't like it out in the cold but since seeing rattlesnake out the back door maybe they are here hiding from it.