Sunday, October 02, 2011

A wonderful good Sunday morning to you!
An early morning hockey game this am. Then Sam has to sort those damn pop bottles again, I believe he may have nightmares about them.
For us we really must work on our fire wood. We should have done it. We have already had a few fires.
We burn lots and I mean lots of wood. Wood heat is our only source of heat so we really have to be on the ball.
Ahh I can picture us in three feet of snow out dealing with wood... we must get it done...soon

I wish you could see our calender every day but one in the Month of October and every day but one in November is booked with hockey sometimes double or triple on a particular day.
 I personally don't get it?
Why so much.
 It is like people hate being home.
Very sad how you watch people running, checking watches one thing to the next.
 I wonder what the quality of their home life is.
 I know ours sucks every winter.
I wonder when it is all over will I be sad I let it over run our lives or will I think what an accomplishment?

Then I wonder do our kids have time to play not have to do homework, not have to do their sport, just PLAY!
Then their is the financial drain...over eight hundred dollars extra in the last week.
NO use complaining.
 No, no complaining as I am knee deep wading, keeping my head above the water so I do not drown.
We always figure it out.
We may slide in with our hair flying back but it always has a way of working.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday today. No matter how you are dealing with it fast and furious or relaxing and calm. Have a good day.

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