Saturday, October 08, 2011

A wonderful weekend.

What amazing, wonderful things will you be doing this weekend.
Visiting family, road trips, enjoying quiet time at home or harvesting the last of your gardens.

Please do not ask where I will be... just one guess.... it is bloody cold...
I will not snivel our weekend away but again I am stuck inside an arena.
 I will fit in time to make good memories with my family. I will add a few I wish I was doing this to it. But all in all it is good
My Mom comes home from Maui today my Dad is on route to pick her up right now.
Doing chores at day break was amazing this morning. The air was crisp as it froze again last night and the sky was most beautiful. Such incredible colours this time of year. The fog was gently laying in the valley and on the mountain tops making it look so magical.
 I am so thankful for this incredible beauty.
Take time to enjoy our beautiful countries no matter where you live, take a photo write in a journal.
Happy Thanks Giving.

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