Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today it cooled off a bit. The sky had been grumbling most of the day. It was quite a productive day we had our dentists appointments all finished by 10am. I weeded the lavender today. The kids had a nice long swim
We separated the sheep from the goats. Manage to fit a small walk in.
However now the day is done I am so tired. I was just waiting for my son to call. Now I wish I hadn't he stresses me out. Man is a Mom's worry ever done!!!!! I just have to wait until I wake my husband up for 10:30 then I can go to bed. I actually might just set my alarm and go to bed.
I have a little goat who is not looking well so we put her in the barn. I have do idea what is up with her. So hopefully she will pull through. It has been very hot for them.
Well have a good night and I will talk to you all tomorrow.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is the entrance to the home
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Look at the lovely table setting
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This is the dining room where we ate a wonderful English breakfast. We had yogurt and fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, water, eggs, bacon, sausages, potato's, tomato, croissants. It was really lovely.

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Go check out Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast

The people are wonderful their names are Clare and Kelly Davis

If you would like to stay the toll free number is

Oh my goodness go stay and love every second of it

I think I will had this to my face book also
The room was beautiful. The only thing I could see better is if they could have a room with two single beds. It was a bit hard as we had to share a bed. I am not overly comfortable with that but not to big of a deal as I am not a good sleeper anyway. I think it would be wonderful to stay here with your husband or if yo were off by yourself for quiet time. I could see a writer staying here. If I ever become an author ( which I do dream about always...just don't know about what or how to start) i would celebrate and stay her for a week or few days. I have to laugh I make that sound so easy. However my poor husband would have to take me there drop me off and come back and pick me up!!!!! I really need to get over this scared to drive thing.
I actually felt quite at home as my room is in all white bedding and quite English. And oh my goodness the lavender...sigh I will leave you on that note as I have to go do work now.
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The room I stayed in was the dragon fly room. Which was really nice and quite funny. Dragon Flies were a big part of our trip. And I would like my next tattoo to be a dragon fly.

Here is where I had my morning coffee. I was up before 6am as i could not sleep. So I had a long bath pack up my back. Then I went down and had a little visit then sat outside made several calls home and played on my very cute pink laptop. I do love my Pink laptop. It has been on some wonderful trips with me.
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Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast

This was the bed and breakfast I stayed in Kelowna. It was my first time staying at a bed and breakfast. It was very, very nice. Super nice people. They have moved to Canada from England "Bath" and picked Kelowna to raise their family. I guess I loved the connection to England because of Mom. The house was amazing and it was very peaceful. I actually thought it would be hard to be in someones Elsie's home but they made us feel really welcome. There was enough space you did not feel like you were in someone Elise's home. They had a beautiful salt water pool. Which I wished I had asked why they decided on Salt water instead of chlorine. I am curious of why they went that way. We have a pool here. I have always wondered which would be better for the cost of running it.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here Nickie is trying her hand at rub on the flower heads. Not as smooth as you think.
You could feel the oil in the flower bits.
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Here is another picture of the Lavender farm that I visited. It was nice and warm there. The day before there had been a wind storm and they shut the doors early as it was quite dangerous. We met my son for dinner that night. He comes of the mountain at 7:30 we picked him up just after eight. We went to a restaurant called Kelly O Bryan. My firefighter bought my dinner and my friends.
That day we came to Kelowna stopped for a quick walk through the mall then made our way over to the lavender farm. We picked our own lavender it was $7.00 and all we could fit in these twist ties. It was quite a big bundle. We had a nice drink of Lemonade. I enjoyed the gift store it was so nice and quite good prices. We stayed several hours and the minute we hopped in the care we cranked the air condition.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

This is just a quick post to touch base. I had a very nice time in Kelowna we visited the Lavender farm. It was very nice I really enjoyed it. I have more stories to tell you but right now it is too hot to think and I am off to bed.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

We were trying to get a picture of the lightening but kept missing it
This is looking back at Spences Bridge
We hit all types of weather but over all up North it was really nice 27 degrees to 32 degrees most of the way. We hit the storm near Cache Creek.
We had Miss Hyacinth throwing up on the side of the road between Williams Lake and One hundred and fifty mile.
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Coming home from Prince George. It is such a long trip there and back in one day.
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Our Trip Home Was Crazy

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How could I not buy this. It was made just for ME!
Two nights no sleep we are having terrible thunder storms. It would not be so bad but we have so much pine beetle kill in our valley. It does make me worry. The kids were standing out on the deck it is covered and under the car port to watch the storm. I really do like to watch it but I admit it totally stresses me out. The poor dogs all were scared. My dad's dog is the worse he gets so scared. I really feel sorry for him. He actually cries. Even Lulu was getting scared and it makes her bark. She has quite a mean bark a big bark.
Now back to why can't I sleep. I am tired I was dead tired yesterday but I can't make myself get a full night sleep. Maybe we are just too busy.
Today I am off to Kelowna with my friend we are off to find the Lavender farm. So be prepared for many pictures. My friend loves taking pictures as much as I do and I plan to learn a bunch of new tricks.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Today started with some rain then it warmed up to being hot. We were on the verge of having the bush shut down. The plan was shut it down for week or until rain. Well it did rain and my poor husband was stuck in mud all day.
Tomorrow we have to head up to Prince George to bring Miss Hyacinth home. It will be a long day we want to go up and come straight home. I would stay home but I have not seen her for awhile so I should go meet her. It will be good to have her home. Did I mention she is bring a rodent home...last one the cat ate.
My son is coming home Sunday he should be home for a couple of days then he has to go back out. He is not sure what fire he will head out to.
I am going Sunday to visit with my friend. We are off to Kelowna to go to the Lavender farm. We are maybe going to spend the night then I will be home Monday afternoon. It is so busy.
I did a lot of cleaning outside while it was cooler. We moved two goats to the barn who need their back end cleaned up.
Then the boys caught our new baby alpaca and we had a little cuddle. He is so strong and his little nose is all white on the end. He looks like Rudolph just not red.
Today I had to drive into town to pick up my oldest daughter from her work. She was not feeling well and did not drive. Nothing worse than feeling sick in the summer.
Well I am off to get organized for morning. Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tanisha took this very cool picture tonight. Savannah and Tanisha were taking picture all evening having a lot of fun with the camera.
We finally had rain it rained most of the day. It has been months since we had a good rain. It was wonderful. I worked out in it for a long time until I just became too wet.
The ducks quite enjoyed themselves and the wandered all the way over to the house. They were enjoying them self until Lulu found them.
Savannah and I had tea out on the deck while it was storming. We had a really nice day. The girls did their nails and just hung out. Well it is off to bed now .
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today again was nice and warm. The boys spent a lot of time swimming today. We also managed to squeeze a dentist appointment in which is so good if not Sam would have had to wait until October. We also squeezed a quick walk in while he was at the dentist it was a very warm walk.
Tonight my daughter was on the news with her Smart Step Group. I was so proud of her being part of this group who fund raised a street hockey for kids and all the money they received went to the food bank. They donated over 1200.00. The paper and the news were there when they presented the cheque to the food bank. It is a good program event though it is a lot of running around for us Tanisha will definitely gain from it.
The previews for the movie 2012 are out. That is the show my goats were in. I will send my son and if the girls are actually in it then I may go see it. It looks like a horrible show. I hate scary shows. Go check it out if you see some very bossy Angora goats they are ours.
My son is still in Kelowna on the fires. He said it was very, very hot today. While he was working he stepped on a rattle snake. He said it tried to snap at him. I had to laugh he was not sure if it got him. He would defiantly know if it got him...
We will know if they are going to shut the bush down tomorrow. They may shut it down for a week. We can not afford to be shut down we have only just got back. Man it is hard to make a living. Poor Allan has to get up at 10pm tonight to go to work and that will only get him three loads. That is if nothing goes wrong.
Well I am off to find my two boys and put the coffee on for the truck driver.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When I saw these two sitting here looking tired I knew our day was over. We had so far to go we were still quite aways from the truck plus we had to drive from Stanley Park all the way to Metro. We had very late nights in Vancouver and very early mornings.
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Isn't this a peaceful picture hard to believe that some times a storm can come crashing in of the ocean.
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Killing time in Vancouver

I am quite glad he did not miss
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