Monday, August 31, 2009

Today we made Jam. Blackberry jam, Blackberry freezer jam and Blueberry freezer jam
The Blackberries I bought were just lovely. I have never really worked with them. These berries are so a lot of fun!
Miss Hyacinth and I made the jam.
We also had a lady out to look at our Internet. It was our router. It must have burned out. I thought I had smelled hot wires on it.
It was a very busy day. The weather was very hot. We sent the cow to the auction. My husband just got a call to go to work. why not when he has had no sleep. It is so crazy one minute they are working and other minute NOPE no work.
My Mom, husband a Dalton just came back from Kamloops. The cow was awful in the truck. I guess she did not quit moving doing circles and turns the whole way. Also on there way home they saw a forest fire just had started by lac le jeune. That is where there is horrible pine beetle bug kill. So it should be a crazy fire.
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello just a quick note to touch base. We do not have Internet at home so I am using my very cute pink laptop while we travel to Kamloops. Guess What we are shut down again. Oh my goodness it has been a crazy summer. The people we haul for are too scared to start a fire as they would have to pay for it. So they keep shutting down. Why the heck not.
It is so smokey right now it must be horrible for our lungs. My son is on a a 40 hector fire near Douglas Lake. He looks so tired. Last night he came home near 11pm then he left again early this morning.
I will write more when I have my Internet up and running.
I hope you are all well and enjoy the last bit of summer.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello I thought I would make a quick post from the coast. I am sitting outside a sports store waiting for my family. We do not have Internet at home so I thought I would write here. We left early this morning for the Langley to head to the auction. It is quite warm down here now. We have checked out a few stores and will head home soon. We stopped at the farmers market and I bought some scones. I did not have any cash on me so I could only look.
It was sad to leave the goats. I usually do not go down now I remember why... too sad. As we were leaving I could here them crying gosh it breaks my heart.
Well I should go before my battery runs out. I may get to write again this weekend if our Internet is working. If you do not hear from me it is NOT working. Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lavender Basket

Today I made a Lavender basket. The willows were hard to work with. Too late in the summer. They did not want to bed much. It is a little rough very rustic :) but I still like it. I have been wanting to make one all summer but I kept putting it off. So today I decided I had better hurry my summer is running out!!!!!
Looks like I should wear it on my head as a hat. I also had the time to seal my cement stones I have been making. It is good to get the projects finished up. Once September hits there is no time. I should go another auction trip tomorrow. I am not sure if I am going to go yet. I will decide in the morning.
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Look how dirty my firefighter is. Tonight he came home twice as dirty. The smoke and soot goes right through his clothes it is awful. He can not wash the smell off him. He smells like a walking fire. I am going to buy him some herbs to to a lung cleanse (not too sure on that spelling) A week or two when he came home his voice was really rough.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Morning. I thought I would check in while I have my coffee. I do not have to run as fast this morning as Tanisha's day starts later at the arena. In the picture above I re-grouted my table. I had tried to leave it outside and I had covered it in plastic (quite tight) but over the year it sweat-ed inside and and ruined some of the tiles. Only the rose tiles so obviously they are not quite real. So I looked at it all summer and finally I got my act together to get it done. It is funny how we will put something off then when we do it and it is done finished. You think that was easy should have done it sooner. I find this blog helps me sometimes keep on track. Like the day I said I was off to make a rhubarb leaf. I was side tracked all day cleaning outside with the tractor. Then I was side tracked rummaging for some old soap. So just before dark I was outside talking to my Dad when I thought AHH I am just going to make that stone now. I knew I had wrote on here I was going to do it and thought I had better get it done.
If you look back at the photo you will see a stick that is the stick that took my son to the hospital for stitches. Pretty pathetic isn't it. However Dad said if that came down with the lasso from twenty feet up being pulled at full force by two boys it would case some damage. I told Dalton I was going to paint it gold and Hang it in his room to hang a picture from it! He did not find me very funny. Well I must run my computer wants to shut off and update something. So have a great day
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here is the Peppermint I picked from the garden. It is a huge bouquet. Really nice smelling quite wonderful.

This morning by the time I left to take Tanisha to the arena at 7:15 I had already cleaned my bedroom, put clothes away, put a load of laundry on, cleaned my desk, sorted papers. I actually accomplished a lot. Then when I came home from town I had coffee with Mom and Dad. Did chores and started on my books. I really hate doing the bookkeeping. What a horrible job that would be to have to do that everyday sitting in an office. horrible,horrible horrible...
My three younger kids are at a sleep over tonight. I will pick them up at 8am when I drive Tanisha in.
Tonight we have wrapped my son's ankle in a herb concoction then covered it in saran wrap. He will leave it on all night and we will continue to do it until we run out of the herb. I may go to Kamloops to buy some more. It is too late now he has missed the hockey camp he wanted to go to. The doctor told him four more weeks. The worst thing he can do is hurt it again so the doctor says.
Good news my friends young friend has woke up. She smiled today when she heard familiar voices. That is so wonderful. Two days ago it looked so bleak but now there is hope. They won't know the extent of the damage until they do some more tests. Hopefully none! Please keep her in your thoughts. Have a wonderful night
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

woohoo I received special mail

Look at what I found in my mail box. Woo HOO... lucky me... Yeah me!! I saved it all day so I could open it with my tea and cookie. Lavender shortbread and Earl Grey Tea
You can tell I worked all day by how scruffy I look. I have worked from first thing this morning until now.

My friend Nickie sent me this wonderful gift. I think it should be mandatory that once a week we all receive something nice in the mail and it not be a bill. My gift was a beautiful bracelet, a leather book mark, some beautiful Lavender soap and a very cute note book. My parcel said In memory of our Lavender Day!!
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This Morning I drove Tanisha in for seven forty five to volunteer at the arena. The I came moves sprinklers did chores. Then after I had some toast with Blackberry jam (which I bought at a fruit stand) I took up several loads of weeds, pine cones, rocks up to the next level of our property. I have been cleaning and it really does look better. I also took some pictures today so I can show you before and after. Sometimes my projects seem so over whelming that I don't know where to start. Then like magic I get this impulse to work and I start. Then it all falls together.
Like the raking I did I thought man this is dumb so much work and hard work. But now it is all done. So I still have many things to move. I am storing all my rabbit cages up top. Again a huge amount of work but I will get it done. So I guess I had better get done . First I will make a new rhubarb leaf stone.

Hyacinth standing in the area where you can have tea. These pictures were all taken at the Lavender Farm. Her sweat shirt and new hat were her purple for our Lavender day
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Hyacinth looks like she should be in France with her hat

This is what happens when you bring a boy to a lavender farm! Just full of himself

Sitting on a bridge over the pond. I am just lucky he did not start fishing with the Koi
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Monday, August 24, 2009

On Sunday my family and I went to another Lavender Arm. This one was a little disappointing. It was a little unkempt, not finished. It had potential just nothing finished through. It was in need of some weeding and a lot of watering. We did have fun though. We can find a good spot anywhere to get a good picture. It did make me smile. We so have a nice yard and some great places to take pictures.
One day you will all have to come visit. I am going to have so much Lavender you will be able to smell it from town. No I don't need lots of Lavender but OH I do love it. I love the colour. I love the smell. I love the look of it. It makes me smile. It makes my Mom happy. Some of my girls love it and the ones that are not sure...will love it when they are it will bring back good memories!!!!
Memories... make them while you can....make them good... make them for you... for your families. You can't please the world so please yourself.
I have been going through some tough personal decisions nothing dramatic just changes. I have sold off my Angora goats. It was one of the hardest things I have to do. I feel so guilty the poor girls. Some people don't get it but I really loved them. We had such a tough winter and we lost so many animals. I just lost heart. It is so hard to go out here everyday to face something that died. I hated it. I will always have goats and some animals. I have a true farmers heart. The angora goats just did not do well here. I will have a few still. My buck who was sick this Spring he is staying. He nearly died and he has pulled through. I still have Big MOMMA she is just going to retire here. Plus I have two little ones who I don't think are overly strong and it would not be fair to sell them. So at this moment they are staying. Anyways I am off to read have a good night.
If any of you have an extra prayer in you Please, please pray for a young girl we know. Her name is Lenette who is suffering a severe head injury and now she has had a stroke and she is only 15. Please keep her in your thoughts.
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Sir Dalton's fight with the tree ended up with the tree winning... He is still sleeping so at this time I do not know how he is feeling. I had to run into town this morning. I left just after seven am to take Tanisha to the arena.
I think today I am going to start to clean up our little office across the yard. I think I will paint it and finish it inside. I would like it to have a European feel to it. It is going to be in whites. I would like to get that antique look of like a paste on the wall then painted over. I am not sure what the style is called. I will show you later though. I think that sounds like a good fall project. Don't you?
I have some Lavender to plant also. I am just waiting on the weeds to grow so we can rotor-till it.
Can you imagine how pretty it is going to be when all my lavender is in full bloom. I can't wait! I am going to plant lots. You will see a sea of purple and the smell....
My husband ordered me a rotor-tiller and hand held one. It is not as big and strong as my dad's but it should be good just the same. It should be in Friday. I am not sure how much it cost as my husband went and checked them out. It will be so handy. I know dad really did not want me to use his as he has it so handy down at the garden
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FARM WORK is never ending
If everything grew like the weeds imagine what our gardens would like.

At least the girls benefit from the weeds.
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Just a quick note to touch base. We just got home from the hospital. Dalton and Sam were lasso a big pine tree. The pulled on the lasso and the branch came down hitting Dalton in the head. The blood was pouring. So Allan washed his head off so we could see. Then off we went to town. I hate heading into the doctors. Me I probably would have just used duct tape and told him he would be fine:) Gosh it was busy there. I would so hate that job. Our doctor was so kind and very nice man.
I am so tired. I will write tomorrow on our day trip we took today. Have a nice night.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Looks like I have an alligator in my pond. Doesn't it
Today started out early for my husband and boys. They were off to the auction. We stayed home most of the day then had a quick trip to town to pick up Sam from bowling for a birthday. We stopped for a A&W float. Then we finished our day with chores, sprinklers and supper. My oldest son has hurt his ankle again. It actually never healed from the first time. He went for Xrays this morning but hurt it again so bad my husband had to go pick him up. I am not sure what is wrong with it. I just know it is taking a long time. And, it counts the hockey camp out starting tomorrow. His work is not looking like it will happen right now either.
I will write more later as I am off to bed. We are hoping to go somewhere tomorrow.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something about going to Kamloops makes me exhausted. I am so very, very tired. Our day went well. I did a quick trip to Kamloops to meet my sister to pick up my kids. Then we came straight home. Kids all bathed right away and we are still washing clothes. We moved goats and moved chickens trying to decide who is to go and who is to stay.
It was really warm today amazing how it jumps around hot, hotter then cool and cold.
Tomorrow is another day in Kamloops. We are off to buy school clothes. I think we will leave as soon as chores are done however I do not want to be gone all day. When we get home we will have to load the cattle rack and that always makes for a long night. Well I am off to put Miss lulu to bed. So have a great night and I will write more when I am not so tired.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This would be our broken tank. We are on the hunt for a new one.
Tonight was really weird out it seemed to get dark really early. I am so not ready for fall. Pine needles falling, cool mornings, hot days
I actually had to drive home in the dark. I hate to drive in the dark. Not a whole lot new. Today seemed to go by really fast and I am pretty sure I didn't accomplish anything. So I on that note I am off to have tea and wait for my truck driver to get up so I can go to bed. Have a nice night. Talk to you all soon.
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Dad's big beet!
Today was a very warm day and I think it is going to be warm for the next few. We have a few very busy weeks ahead of us. Yesterday we were in Kamloops. Tomorrow I have to take Tanisha to the dentist, bank appointment for my son then head to Kamloops to bring my kids home. Then Friday I have to go to Kamloops again....
We are making an auction trip soon probably two trips. We hope to fit Salmon Arm in there also. Maybe another day trip to the fun castle in Abbostford and them maybe a rodeo.
Today is my daughters last smart step program then next week is the wind up party. Our summer has been full. It is hard to believe school is soon. GOSH I hate the thought of school.....ahhhh...and you know what goes with school snow....arenas... know if I write it enough there is a silver lining. I will let you know when I find it.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Tonight I went for a walk with Nana we did our 5km . Right at the start of our walk we saw a horrible slimy black snake. Then half way through our walk we saw a little lizard like a gecko running quite fast towards us. It as bloody awful. I am going to become a winter walker.
My daughter had her first step program so I just stayed in town did a bit of grocery shopping. I then had a nice visit with my Mother in law then finished with a walk.
I am happy tonight my fire fighter is home. He has one more day and then a break. He looks very tired and will enjoy the rest.
Tomorrow I am spending the day with Savannah and Tanisha and I am quite looking forward to that. Well I will make this short as I am off to read a magazine and wait for Allan to wake up for work. Have a great night

Sunday, August 16, 2009

If you look closely at this picture you can see Oliver's food fly out of his mouth.
Tonight I found out that if I write about something on this blog any random thing example hockey or Merritt. Did you know if someone googles or types in "Merritt or hockey" oopps my blog pops up. Hmm I am not sure that is a good thing. Oh well this blog is really only looked at by my family. However I wonder if I talked about anybody :) I am sure if I did there was a good reason.
Now I wish I had checked my grammar, spelling etc better. Oh who am I fooling. I am not in school anymore half the time I am half asleep or too tired write.
Today I was outside most of the day. Working on the yard (fall is so in the air) I hope to go into winter this year with my yard all clean so Spring is not such a rude awakening. I say that then that damn hockey starts and I have no life. I did however work on my new area to plant more Lavender. It is going to be wonderful. We have forty acres I can plant lavender everywhere... you will be able to follow your nose to our place. Can you imagine how amazing it will be when it is all in bloom next year. Sigh you will all want to visit and not leave. I am going to plant acres of it. I just need to find more space.
My dad has been trying different things also this summer. He has been drying onions and then grinding it up for onion salt. He also made up something with dill. My mom then made a dip with it. It was awesome!
Well must run I will write more soon. Have a wonderful night
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meet mama duck. I hope her eggs hatch. We do not have any luck with baby's showing up so I hope this time it does work.
Today we left to go to Kelowna to look for a new fuel tank for the logging truck . We did not find one. However before we left our new pick up would not start. Complete dead battery...why not
Tanisha and I were dropped off at the mall. She managed to find some very nice school clothes. There were some pretty good sales. I made a quick visit to the lavender farm. I did not go right into the farm as Tanisha and Allan waited outside for me. The had just harvested all there lavender and were distilling it. The little gift shop is wonderful. I quite like it. Then we went to track down a boxing thing on a stand for my son. It took a few stores but we found one. Had a quick look in Lulu that store is amazing. It is so busy so many people in there shopping. It really is crazy. Well I have to go now as Tanisha is going over her courses again.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

I would like you to meet some friends of mine

Here are a few of our feathered friends. Are they not the cutest bunch of ducks. The big brown to the right of the picture is Oliver. I have had him for a long time. He is my favorite. And look at his cocky brown friend she looks like she has an attitude or she is really pleased with herself. It is funny when you spend time with the animals some of them really do have their own personality. I have one goat who would just love to talk. Some of the goats have the most wonderful eyes. When you look into them you can see so deep. Sometimes it is a kindness that is amazing. Some of the older girls have a tired worn out look. The odd will have a sad look. Some have eyes that say I am just plain bad. Yet when they know it is time to get turned out some show through their eyes excitement and happiness. The worst eyes of all are when one of them is sick it really shows in their eyes.
Next time your with an animal take the time to read them. Watch when you love them or when you raise your voice. You will be amazed to what you see.
In Miss Lulu I see love in her eyes. I have seen her look really, really tired. I have seen her try to figure things out through her eyes. I have seen her eyes be full of playfulness and badness.
Have a wonderful night.
On one last note!
Please everyone pray for the pilot who's helicopter crashed down into the river while fighting a Forest Fire
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This was a project I started today everywhere you see gravel was grass. It was very hard to get the lawn mower in and to water it. The water would hit the house all the time. So after many, many, many loads of gravel ( I so missed Dalton he was such a wonderful help last time). It is funny now when I looked at it you would not think it was all that much work. It was hard shoveling, heavy wheel barrels really hard to push it across the driveway and into my very hard to get through yard.
Now I am in need of tea and Tanisha baked a chocolate cake for her Dad which I might try.
Poor Allan he had another set back on the damn truck. It was dark and he was following the loader on the landing and ran over a huge huge rock. That split the fuel tank and he lost a whole tank of diesel. A new tank runs around twenty two hundred. However we hope to go to Kelowna and find a second hand one. I am trying to convince him I need to go to Kelowna also. It would be such a shame for him to go all that way and not take us!!!! I think I will make my list of where I would like to go just in case :)
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last night I was home alone. And I was really hoping I would not have any visitors. It all went well. I did stay up too late. The dogs were not too bad.
It was not really that warm today. However if you starting working then you would be over dressed. The day went way too fast not really sure what I accomplished.
I did pick up some school supplies. A few clothing items for the kids and some groceries. I weeded the lavender. I do need to do some weed eating. Not my favorite job. I end up getting it all over me.
I am waiting to go to bed. My husband will leave soon then it is off to bed for me. Nothing worse than having to go to bed smelling fresh coffee. I try to wait so I do not wake him.
I am hoping to send some more pictures to Walmart to print out for me. I really don't like doing that job as it takes so long to upload them. I should though so I do not get too far behind.
Well I am off have a good night.

Look I am in the pool. I told you all I do get in when it is really, really warm
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