Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a long day. My day started at five am to shower, coffee, chores and get the kids off to school. I had to have my kids arranged to be picked up from school. We have arranged birthdays etc. Then an arrangement to hockey. I needed to be ready in case I did not come home tonight. Then we bought a new truck and they had forgot to phone us the night before. So it was a mad rush to get it finalized everything switched over. Then ICBC but I needed Allan so he had to get into dump his load. All of this and I had to leave at the latest eleven am. Seriously I actually had the car dealership running and ICBC flying. We were all so stressed out. I swear Nish and I have ulcers. Poor Allan was stressing having us drive over, snow, no vehicle ready, and we had to be on time. Soooooo after all this we are heading out of town my cell rings. Court was cancelled. It was dealt with out of court. So Tanisha was bouncing happy smiling. Me I was relieved stressed.....all that. All that stress for three years for what!!!!!! jerks. Actually I am really happy Tanisha did not have to go through with it.
We did have a visit with Savannah and then I ended up taking Tanisha to Kamloops to shop with her birthday money.
Now I need sleep and a peaceful night.
I think I will light the fire and take the chill of the house and make tea.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Time

Today is a very special day in our home. It is Jordan's 19th Birthday and Tanisha's 17th Birthday. What a Wonderful Day it is!!! I have a cake for each of them. Plus presents. I don't imagine I will being going to the bar with Jordan. I don't drink and I hate bars and try not to encourage it. However I will eat cake with them:)
I hope you both have exciting wonderful lives. Full of hope, dreams and love.
I can not tell you in enough words how much I love you both. Grow up strong, be safe, caring. I know you both have a lot to offer our world. And our world is such a better place with you!!!!
Make good choices, DREAM, SING, DANCE, HOPE, have FAITH. And above all love yourself. I love you both have an incredible Day
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Monday, September 28, 2009

No wonder they did feel well after supper whipping and orange juice. Gotta make you curdle
We ate the whole thing.
Tomorrow is my two kids real birthday. So I baked two cakes today one for each of them. Wrapped presents, made two cards. Made brownies. I was on a roll.
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Grandma it was nice to have Grandma out for a visit. She does not come out very often so the kids quite enjoyed it. I think Allan enjoyed himself also.
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Dinner table
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More smiles
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This night we had trouble keeping Sam out of the pictures. He was full of himself. Sam also ate an amazing amount of supper.
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More Birthday dinner. I am not sure why my boys have beautiful smiles but they won't show it when I bring out the camera. All my children have wonderful smiles. They all have their Dad's smile.
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We had an early birthday dinner for Tanisha and Jordan. We ate ham, Caesar salad, perogies, (I do not know if that is how you spell that) carrots, beets, orange juice punch, apple crisp, and Oreo birthday cake. It was a very good meal.
We had Allan's Mom and my Dad join us. Earlier in the day we rented the ice for an hour. So it was a good day.
Today was such a cold morning -4 at 7am. Our house was so cold. I froze all day. It never warmed up in here. I had to stay close to the house as I was dealing with phone calls all day. We are in court Wednesday. I will be so happy for Tanisha when it is all done.
I have been quite organized. I am quite up to date on my books. Desk is sorted. House is clean. Laundry is all caught up. Now I need to work outside under the carport because to have a clean house it has to go some where.
in the next two weeks get everything that has to go away for winter and just do it.
Well I am off have a good night.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our school made this wonderful project with the children last June. When we all returned to school in September what an amazing surprise hidden behind the school. It was a wonderful, magical garden. All you could do is smile. What a pleasant surprise. The kids were excited walking through remembering where they planted the seeds. Sam planted sunflowers. The kids were eating the little vegetables. It really was nice to see. In one of the classrooms when you look out the windows the giant smiling sunflowers are peaking in the windows. If I had to be in school all day I would so pick that classroom so I could watch out the window at the sunflowers. Actually come to think of it I did spend most of my school years dreaming out the window watching the clock waiting to get out. I really have not improved much when I have to go to our bookkeepers in Kamloops they are on the ninth or tenth floor of really a beautiful office that looks over the park. I still can't help feel sorry for them sitting inside everyday in artificial light. I spend an hour in there and I feel like a caged animal. I bet they are happy when I leave after I have depressed them about their job:)
Well I am off to take the day in full speed ahead. A wonderful Fall day. I wonder what it will bring. Good things I hope. Have a wonderful day. Take time to make special memories.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Here I am on the Terry fox run. It was a beautiful day. Quite hot for the kids all to be running. After I joined in at the school. I met Tanisha at her school to give her, her cell phone. Then I met Nana and we hopped off to Kamloops went to Chapters and the mall. Then we were home. Just a quick trip.
We had a horrible thing in our town last night a young man has died. They are saying murder but too early for any real info. Just a lot of rumours. How sad. It breaks my heart some poor family is dealing with that their son is never coming home. I can't tell you how it makes me sick to my stomach. A Mom's worst night mare. When I was driving to the high school the street I usually take was all blocked off will yellow police tape. Police men on each corner. Horrible just horrible.
I am off have a good night.
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I am just waiting for the time to leave to go walk in the Terry Fox Run with Sam. What a wonderful thing Terry Fox did for our country, for his family and I am sure for himself. It was an amazing undertaking. And, I am proud he was a Canadian. It goes to show how one person can make a difference. However it has made a country of many people come together to keep his dream alive. To motivate young children to help, exercise, and to believe they too can make a difference.
It seems to be another beautiful day out. We should all enjoy these wonderful fall days as winter is very near.
Have a wonderful, productive day. I am off to remember Terry Fox and then to Kamloops.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

See how small our river is. No wonder the Salmon are not coming home.
Today was another beautiful day. We went for a walk but we totally found ourselves side tracked. So we only went for a small walk. Then I had to grab the kids come home and leave right away. Tanisha had junior girls coaching then an hour meeting with the victim services. The lady was so nice. A very kind person.
Tomorrow I am hoping to join Sam's school with the Terry Fox run.
I am off to bed now it is very hard to write with three conversations going on beside me. Have a good night
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Can you see the Salmon

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Today we took a walk to the river to see if the Salmon have come home yet. Pretty sad we saw two. One alive and one dead.

Jordan, Savannah, Roxy, Mimzy, Lulu and I went for the walk. Lulu had a swim. It was very warm. We still have to keep watering it is so dry out and with the warm weather. I think the trees are gasping for water.
Sam and Miss Hyacinth are having a sleep over at Nana's. Dalton, Tanisha and Jordan are at the hockey game. Allan is sleeping. So it is a quiet couple of hours. I think I will head to bed soon as I am quite tired. I like to wait until the kids are home before I go to bed.
Today I was on the phone most of the day with lawyers, Secretaries of crown council, victim services...waiting all day for phone calls. I will be so glad when we have are day next week and then it is over. Remind me I never want to be a lawyer.
Tomorrow I think I have to do some weeding among the lavender plants. Darn grass it is amazing how fast it grows. Jord tries to go get his N off tomorrow. That is another road test he has to take. So cross your fingers for him. He is taking the big dodge truck for his test
Well I should go have a good night. Take care and pleasant dreams
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A very Special Birthday Boy
Today I went to Kamloops with Jordan. He had his skates fixed. I waited for him at chapters, the mall, Micheal's and Walmart. It was a nice day and very warm. Something about Kamloops that makes me sleepy. I did not have to do hockey tonight...yeah me.... Miss Hyacinth did not want to go. She has had a very sore back plus I think it will take awhile for her to get used to playing with the boys.
Then Jordan took Tanisha to her meeting and Dalton to hockey. Sigh... I wish he would take them all the time.
The kids brought home their school pictures they are so nice. Dalton is so handsome in his. I love it. Tanisha looks very pretty in hers. I am waiting for Miss Hyacinth's pictures. And Sam will have his on the 29th.
Nana is coming out to visit tomorrow which will be nice. I think we will walk to the river to look for the Salmon. There has not been as many this year. The Salmon are missing in action.

If anyone knows where I can get a hot dog costume please let me know
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Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...Happy birthday dear Mimzy...
Happy Birthday to you...

Mimzy is two and very over weight.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

The kids are enjoying themselves watching home movies with their Dad. Gosh they were so cute back then. The boys went Grouse hunting tonight. It was nice no hockey so everyone could be a little more relaxed. Today I did major weeding a complete over haul on my little white garden. It was amazing how big the weeds were. I am hoping it will make Spring easier if it is all clean now. I am sure I am going to pay tonight. The weeds are so hard to pull. It is funny I can clean and clean and I am sure no one even noticed.
I ran into town and picked up the kids from school. I met Savannah and Jeremy at work and gave Nana the stationary bike to use.
Sam joined in fitness today, he ran. He told me his leg feels stiff but it seems to being doing well. Now we have to get him into shape. He has been laying around for two weeks.
I set up my Pumpkins today. I sure wish I had more. I love pumpkins I would like to have a whole field of them.
Well I am off have a good night.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The early morning was just above freezing but by afternoon it as hot. Our summer is hanging in there. Our temperatures are to get into the 30's this week. Isn't that wonderful!
Today we had hockey.
We also stored our fish tank and put our air conditioner away. And did some general cleaning.
I went into town and took Miss Hyacinth to hockey and I went to have a visit with Savannah.
I have started a little bit of Christmas shopping. It is good to have a start. I like to get most of it done. So I know I can enjoy the holiday and not stress over money. I really enjoy buying my kids presents. When I was cleaning the living room. Hyacinth was all excited she said I know your making space for Christmas...silly girl. It is only September.
Are days keeping moving forward. Things we have to do before the end of the month. Birthdays two of my children. Take my daughter to Supreme Court of Canada as a witness. Terry Fox run. Heal from stitches. Chop, chop, chop fire wood. Try to find a hot dog costume for much to do
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today Miss Hyacinth and I went to the farmers market to buy pumpkins. We just bought a box full of small ones to decorate. We hope the bears do not find them.
What a long day. I do not want hockey drama. I do not want hockey at all. I do not want arenas....And so it begins... And it is only the first day....
This afternoon the wind came up so strong. It was crazy. Two times while driving into town it pushed are van over the yellow line. I wonder why the wind will just come up so fast and strong then just die down. I don't think it is good for all those pine beetle trees. We have noticed a few have come down up on the top part of our property.
It says it is to get very warm and hot next week. We so need rain it is still really dry out. I wonder if we will get our Fall rains. One can never tell what the weather will bring us.
Tomorrow I hope to find some creative time. I am sure finding it hard to be clever. I wonder what I should make... I need to find an inspiration.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Lulu has been in trouble lately. I have been thinking of giving her away...but look at those eyes... and she loves her hot dog....she is so cute...I really love her...she will pack things all day.
Today Savannah and I went to Kamloops. We left at 9am and we were home by 2:15pm. I picked up Sam took him to the doctor and had his stitches taken out. While I was with Sam, Savannah picked up the kids. Our weather has been holding out quite nicely. I am enjoying this late summer.
Tomorrow hockey is in full swing... ahhh all of them have hockey. I am hoping to quietly get out of it. I will probably take Tanisha in. She has to help coach at 10am then Allan can do the afternoon.
Not a whole lot is new.
I have been making some book markers. When I get them all figured out I will show you. I also have been crocheting a bit while I wait for the kids. I just keep it in the van and do a bit now and then. It is time to start the winter projects.
We were told we are shut down again for the next week. This time the mill is too full. It sure the hell is not our wood we have not been able to haul any. This summer has been a night - mare for work. It has been really, really awful.
Well I am off to get ready for bed and read a bit. Have a good night
I will touch base with you tomorrow.
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