Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yesterday I woke up to minus eight way too cold way too soon this morning is only minus four. We have our wood cut do we have enough? probably not. I bought a pallet of pellets for the wood stove in the back of the house sixty bags plus six bags that we had. It will last for a bit.
You can not walk in our back porch full and ready for winter.

Yesterday was a Grandson day he sure is fun. We sorted pumpkin seeds and roasted them. He liked the fact he could sit in a chair next to me all grown up.

Isn't it funny how a few words can make your day " Hockey practiced in cancelled today" I know there was a sigh of relief in our house. Yes for me thank goodness one less thing to deal with even for Sam he was happy one less thing to have to rush to he could relax and watch a movie. There is nothing funnier when I can hear him down the hall laughing to himself when something is funny.

We made carrot cupcakes and iced them in a horrible orange icing. They taste nice but the icing is not too pretty ~ perfect for Halloween.

Today is another Grandson day we have three this week so I had better get ready to head outside and do chores. I really hate to do chores in the dark and cold.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello today was a damp, wet, windy day even though it was nine above the wind is coming from the north and cold.
It has been blowing the leaves all afternoon.

My dad is out a bit more now a few weeks ago he was deathly sick in the hospital with E-coli that is a horrible, horrible bug. It is quite crazy how sick it makes a person. At least the chores slow down for winter so he will be able to take it easier.
Today my son traveled to Fairview, Alberta to go to school, ahh he is so far away from me. He showed a picture with snow so winter is starting too soon for me.

This weekend we brought quite a bit of wood in. My Dad and our middle son brought in a feeder for the cows, we moved hay over and we are now feeding the sheep over in their winter area now.
I gave all new bedding for the animals as it is getting chillier at night now.
I had a talk with chickens one green egg every second day is just not cool.

Here is our Mamma and her baby.
 This little Alpaca is the funniest little thing she has such a great personality ~ she is just plain bad.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

We are ending near October time is flying by. I have not been to my blog in ages. Our computer and Internet has not been good so it is an effort to just get onto the Internet. Last week we changed the router so we will see how this goes.
our oldest son was home for two weeks it was really nice having him here. He did so much for us, we had great visits, he did some hunting and he had friends over.  He is now this weekend heading off to school in Alberta so many changes.

The farm work is slowing down but know doubt  as soon as the snow flies I will have to start digging gates and carrying water is just no fun.
We have had the fire going on and off for the last month and it is quite noticeable  how much fire wood we have used already.

We will be starting a new job or my husband will be and this pretty much consumes my mind twenty four hours a day it makes me sick to my stomach with worry.
Over the last four or five years all I have done is worry about bills, making ends meet analyzing how to stretch a pay cheque from here to hell. It totally sucks the life out of you and makes nothing fun anymore.
I do get to spend quite a bit of time with our Grandson he sure is fun.
Here he is at the pumpkin patch with his pumpkin he is picking to buy.