Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello today was a damp, wet, windy day even though it was nine above the wind is coming from the north and cold.
It has been blowing the leaves all afternoon.

My dad is out a bit more now a few weeks ago he was deathly sick in the hospital with E-coli that is a horrible, horrible bug. It is quite crazy how sick it makes a person. At least the chores slow down for winter so he will be able to take it easier.
Today my son traveled to Fairview, Alberta to go to school, ahh he is so far away from me. He showed a picture with snow so winter is starting too soon for me.

This weekend we brought quite a bit of wood in. My Dad and our middle son brought in a feeder for the cows, we moved hay over and we are now feeding the sheep over in their winter area now.
I gave all new bedding for the animals as it is getting chillier at night now.
I had a talk with chickens one green egg every second day is just not cool.

Here is our Mamma and her baby.
 This little Alpaca is the funniest little thing she has such a great personality ~ she is just plain bad.

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