Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yesterday I woke up to minus eight way too cold way too soon this morning is only minus four. We have our wood cut do we have enough? probably not. I bought a pallet of pellets for the wood stove in the back of the house sixty bags plus six bags that we had. It will last for a bit.
You can not walk in our back porch full and ready for winter.

Yesterday was a Grandson day he sure is fun. We sorted pumpkin seeds and roasted them. He liked the fact he could sit in a chair next to me all grown up.

Isn't it funny how a few words can make your day " Hockey practiced in cancelled today" I know there was a sigh of relief in our house. Yes for me thank goodness one less thing to deal with even for Sam he was happy one less thing to have to rush to he could relax and watch a movie. There is nothing funnier when I can hear him down the hall laughing to himself when something is funny.

We made carrot cupcakes and iced them in a horrible orange icing. They taste nice but the icing is not too pretty ~ perfect for Halloween.

Today is another Grandson day we have three this week so I had better get ready to head outside and do chores. I really hate to do chores in the dark and cold.

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