Thursday, November 07, 2013

A busy week here.
Many new projects have been done a Peace Pole Project, many new lavender products for the lavender house, putting things away for winter and just general living.
The stress in this house is oozing out the sides it can quit any time it likes. Stress totally wears a  person out.
We had our first snow not too much just a reminder it is coming and coming soon. If I did not have to leave home or if I knew my family did not have to drive in it I would enjoy it all winter long...
I have had our grandson three days last week and two this week. We have had a lot of fun.

Our telephone number has been taken by scammers and they are using it to call out and use a recorded message about giving away points. It makes me so angry how can people get away with it. They tell me they can not stop it but rest assured if it was me doing it someone would be knocking at my door.
I have noticed the birds are moving in a sign it is getting colder. I have also noticed the Canadian Geese flying I love to see them in the sky. It never fails to make me smile when I can hear them and then I have to stop and hunt the sky to see them.

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