Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am testing my new Mini Computer. I want to send pictures home from Maui. So these are my test runs. I do believe I will need glasses by the end of my trip.
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Watching soccer.

Today was a very fun day. We went to Kamloops to go look around the Mall. My Mom bought me a small camera one I can take with me on my walks or along the beach. I have an amazing camera all ready but it is big. I can not just grab it and go for a walk.
I have to go and have Happy Birthday sung. I might be back later if not tomorrow.
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Having a cuddle

a quiet moment

The quiet moment is over

These two cats are so funny. A little bad the black is over (i think) 25lbs. The cream colour one is actually a very small cat.
Yesterday I managed to fit in two walks. I went to town had a walk with my daughter then picked up the kids from school. Then after supper my husband and I went for a small walk around the loop.
He has another day of work. It is not too great. It is a small haul but at least it is still work.
It is -2 this morning. It just can not seem to break and warm up. The days are definitely warmer but not overly nice. You must have a sweater or jacket with you so you can put it on and off all day!!!
I just saw it is national knit in on May 23. I will have to crack out the knitting needles.
Well I am off to start my day. And since I could not sleep my day has been starting since before four am!!!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More birthday fun

Today it started at -4 and then tried to warm up. Our baby goats are doing well all except one. I started a round of antibiotics on two of them. One is my blind baby and one is the littlest one Minky. She was the one who fit in our hand when she was born. She has gone off her feed and seems to be breathing a little heavier. I have time to do this session of medicine before I go.
I am wrapping up some things I have to do before I go.
I leave May 9th. I wonder if I will have to wear a mask on the plane. Damn I had better eat more oranges.
I will pack this week. Clean my house and make sure laundry is all caught up. It is going to be a very time.
Bonus my husband is going to work tomorrow!!! He found a load. Break up is quite stressful. I hope it does not last long this year
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Scoobey Doo Ice cream cake. My kids love this cartoon
Trying to put out the candle with their fingers.
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My Birthday boy. He turned fifteen yesterday. Here he is opening his presents

Our birthday table. I love the colours

Our poor chandelier takes such a beating. It has been fixed three times and it still has issues.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to the very best fifteen year old I know. He really did not want to go to school. They say your name over the PA then give you a cup cake. He was so stressed. He made me feel his head to see if he had a fever. He thought he might need NyQuil....Then he asked his Dad."Dad what is the temperature of a normal human being"... Allan answered "I don't know around 98 I think" WHY.... Dalton answered I am 95... I have been laughing all day. So I let him stay home. He was so happy all day. We bought him four new shirts all his favorite name brands, a Switzerland back pack he wanted, lots of bubble gum and an I-touch.
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Our soccer player. I have been able to watch a few home games before I leave on my trip.

It has been so cold at these soccer games the wind is so miserable.

Today we had a fun day my middle boy turned 15. So we had presents, cake and we made Taco's for supper. We also watched a soccer game. It was so cold we stayed in the van and watched. I went for a quick walk tonight. Tomorrow I have to pick up Nana form work then she would like to go into a few stores then we should be able to fit a walk in. She has no vehicle so I will run her around to do her jobs.
I am off to bed I will write more soon
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I was cleaning out my comments. I get a lot of rubbish and damn if I did not hit the wrong button. So now I have to go and find the ones I did not want to publish. I really never get two minutes to think and click wrong button.
It feels like it has been a long day. I am tired. It seemed to warm up a bit. I really think the wind has just died down.
My blind baby goat seems to be doing okay. He can walk a bit by dragging his back legs and pulling with the front. He does this standing so he can get up and down. He ate his bottle really well. Maybe he will start to nibble on some hay or grass soon.
I am off to bed I am absolutely knackered.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is just a quick note to the sister I have visiting in Hawaii. I think you have forgotten me. I have not received any stories from you!!!!!! I am faithfully keeping my blog full of rubbish for you all to keep in touch. I want a letter!! Mom's been getting letters
I that a pained look. You feel really awkward people cheering at you. Everyone in the race is very much the center of attention. There were bands playing school and adults. People singing. People cheering. Wonderful encouraging chalk words I really think that was my favorite. Very nice children cheering encouraging. People handing out water. Police on motorbikes and in their cars monitoring the run and traffic. It was really incredible. Would I do it again....probably yes. I just need a walking partner... I am off to work on my husband what fun it would be to do it with him.

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Running like the wind

They gave each of us a medal for participating. Plus there was many snacks. I wore two holes in my brand new socks How!!! maybe I told you that all ready it choked me. Imagine if I had to take of my shoe how embarrassing....
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Here I am finishing the race. I had the kids cheering me and Sam jumping up and down with his arms in the air. CHEERING!!!!!!!

I am taking out my head phones so I can hear my kids. It was not too hard my legs hurt in front below my knee. I came to the conclusion I think I walk funny. I was fine until I had to finish and walk along the bridge. I did everything in my power not to look over the edge. It made my head swooshy. I would like to try a big run. However I would have to make sure I had the time. I feel like I am always rushing. We had to be up by 5am to have everything ready so I could go. I did the chores in the pouring rain. Nothing is relaxing. If I ever did a big run and it is in an other town I town I would go the night before so I have no rush.
To top it off our van was having huge issues. It was making a horrible noise like the bottom was falling out. I guess are breaks were going. It was weird no real warning. So Allan is out right now fixing them. I think it is coming time to look for a new vehicle our van is seven years old. We are not really ready to downs size so it is only in our thoughts. I hate the thought of a payment for the next five years. I refuse to pay more than our mortgage for a vehicle... We will watch and see how work goes.
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Many people came out. The race was in a city about an hour away.

The start of the race. We wore electronic bands on our shoes

In this picture you can see Savannah in the brown coat. Sam over by the edge with the black hat. Miss Hyacinth at the front in the white and pink lululemon sweatshirt.
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Yeah we did it. 5km and 12km
It was fun quite a different experience.

We were so cold. We left with rain and it trying to snow.
My very patient husband he waited for us to finish our day.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

12K here we come

Tomorrow we leave for Kamloops at 7am for our walk. Then we will come back to town to watch soccer.

Having fun. Our days have been so busy. It truly is amazing how we managed to fit everything in. I will talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Bird this is Emu.

Today there was a very cold wind. It is so not fun. Our house was so cold. It actually was too cold to sit on our kitchen chairs. We had to make a quick run to Kamloops to pick up our walk numbers. On Saturday we go to Kamloops our walk is at 9:30. I am a little nervous I have never joined in one before. I hope to take pictures so if I do I will post them for you all to see.
My little blind baby is still hanging in there. He manages to stand up now. The reason he can not stand too well is the infection damaged his legs. I am really not too sure what is up with him. However he is a love.
Tomorrow I am off to watch soccer Tanisha is in a tournament in town. I hope it is warm I think I will take lined pants just in case.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Race Cars. On our trip to Kelowna we took the kids to these cars. Only the younger three tried them. They had so much fun it was $20 each for them to ride six laps. Go figure the youngest was the wildest. He was drifting... I told him he should not have done that. He tells me that is what they are for!!! It was quite stressful as he leans into the corners. Dalton my middle son was the most mellow.

Then they played the arcade games. Not a very clean place.

Today we managed to fit our 6.4km walk in. Two days until our walk I am walking 12km on Sat. I sure hope the weather is nice. I kind of wish I had not put us into this now. I just do not have time. We have to go to Kamloops to pick up our race packages again no time.
Our weather is unbelievable it is so miserable. I can not believe how horrible it is. Snow Rain hail wind....and the pattern just keeps on repeating itself.
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