Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Race Cars. On our trip to Kelowna we took the kids to these cars. Only the younger three tried them. They had so much fun it was $20 each for them to ride six laps. Go figure the youngest was the wildest. He was drifting... I told him he should not have done that. He tells me that is what they are for!!! It was quite stressful as he leans into the corners. Dalton my middle son was the most mellow.

Then they played the arcade games. Not a very clean place.

Today we managed to fit our 6.4km walk in. Two days until our walk I am walking 12km on Sat. I sure hope the weather is nice. I kind of wish I had not put us into this now. I just do not have time. We have to go to Kamloops to pick up our race packages again no time.
Our weather is unbelievable it is so miserable. I can not believe how horrible it is. Snow Rain hail wind....and the pattern just keeps on repeating itself.
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Anonymous said...

I bet the kids did a great job driving. I would bet $$!