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Friday, April 10, 2009

Cold Nights

Our nights are still getting cold. Here is a picture of just few of the babies sleeping under the heat lamp. They seem to be doing okay a few of them we are watching. One is blind but if he makes it I am sure it will clear up. The worst thing is his Mom goes off to eat and forgets to take them. So the Mom and her two babies have to stay in a stall in the barn. That is okay for the babies but not a lot of fun for the Mom. He poor little guy seemed a bit week tonight. I may have to make him into a bottle baby... I do not want to do that.
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Tutti Chic said...

Happy Easter to you & hope you don;t have to take the bottle to your little darling. Let's hope momma feeds him well! :) chris

Sharon said...

Oh, they are so precious! What sweeties! I hope that you had a very happy Easter!

God bless you!


Sunflower Farm said...

We had a lovely Easter. It was so much fun to spend our time together. Our baby goats are way too cute for their own good.It is so much fun to watch them. They can be so bad. Thanks for checking in. I hope your weekend was nice.