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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Good Morning
I did not have to go outside last night. What a wonderful feeling. I did not post a note to you last night as I only had two boys home. We fed them ice cream they watched TV with their Dad and then we started a puzzle. I love puzzles just hate how they take up my kitchen table. So we never really do them. We bought this one in the dollar store of kittens . Very Cute. Just for the record I don't think this dollar store knows the meaning of DOLLAR!
We are off to Kamloops today Miss Hyacinth is over there with friends. They are going to the mall and maybe a movie while the parents go to their son's hockey tournament. So I will hang out near the theatre if she goes. I don't like her on her own. They all have cell phones but I don't trust anyone near these girls. Too many weird people out their now. So on that note I must go to the barn.

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