Thursday, April 30, 2009

Having a cuddle

a quiet moment

The quiet moment is over

These two cats are so funny. A little bad the black is over (i think) 25lbs. The cream colour one is actually a very small cat.
Yesterday I managed to fit in two walks. I went to town had a walk with my daughter then picked up the kids from school. Then after supper my husband and I went for a small walk around the loop.
He has another day of work. It is not too great. It is a small haul but at least it is still work.
It is -2 this morning. It just can not seem to break and warm up. The days are definitely warmer but not overly nice. You must have a sweater or jacket with you so you can put it on and off all day!!!
I just saw it is national knit in on May 23. I will have to crack out the knitting needles.
Well I am off to start my day. And since I could not sleep my day has been starting since before four am!!!
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