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Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Girls

Three sisters Our Girls are the first two and the last one with gray hair is Savannah and Jeremy's. First one is Star, second one is Candy and the last one is Roxy. They really play quite nicely. The middle one can have a little attitude sometimes when she is getting cuddled. Roxy is very busy maybe a little bad. Then Miss Star is probably if we really analyzed she is a little more mellower.
They really are a lot of fun.
Today Miss Hyacinth and I went into town for a walk with Savannah. Then Hyacinth stayed in town for the day with Savannah. Allan and I went in to get her just before Savannah had to go to work. They went to Walmart and bought flowers, water cane and garden tools. then they planted some Pansy's and solar lights. It is so exciting to see Savannah getting to set up her home. Her and Jeremy really are lucky to have such lovely stuff.
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