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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More birthday fun

Today it started at -4 and then tried to warm up. Our baby goats are doing well all except one. I started a round of antibiotics on two of them. One is my blind baby and one is the littlest one Minky. She was the one who fit in our hand when she was born. She has gone off her feed and seems to be breathing a little heavier. I have time to do this session of medicine before I go.
I am wrapping up some things I have to do before I go.
I leave May 9th. I wonder if I will have to wear a mask on the plane. Damn I had better eat more oranges.
I will pack this week. Clean my house and make sure laundry is all caught up. It is going to be a very time.
Bonus my husband is going to work tomorrow!!! He found a load. Break up is quite stressful. I hope it does not last long this year
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1 comment:

freshisle said...

That looks like a wonderful birthday!
Trip preparations are stressful enough but with the swine flu issue on top of it! Whew!